The City Sage: My 60-Day Yoga Transformation

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May 09, 2014


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Anne, thank you so much for sharing about such a personal topic. I deal with anxiety and absolutely hate it, and I'm thinking yoga could be a good tool to help. You rock, lady. Know that!!!


That's really an amazing story. Good for you!


as a somewhat frequent reader of your blog, I appreciate how real you just got with this post. I just went through my own physical commitment/challenge, so I took comfort in reading yours. so for that - I thank-you! seems like yoga somewhat saved you through that tough transition. the body/mind is an amazing thing man...good for you. xo

Briana Morrison

Wow, what an overwhelming experience! It's so nice to hear that yoga was such a strong force of good during your struggle. I have a hard time keeping a regular practice but am inspired to seek out and complete a 30 day+ challenge, just to see what it can do for me.
Thank you for sharing!


You're just extraordinary for sharing your story with us. I hope that with every passing day you continue to get stronger and more at peace. I will be thinking about you : )

robin pulsifer

wow anne, a powerfully honest post. i know we have all found ourselves in need of that something that pulls us through and i'm so glad that your low coincided with the yoga program. i've never met you but i KNOW you are strong! stay strong! thinking of you...


I had no idea. What a incredible thing you did.
Thank you for sharing your story. As we all know social media has a way of making everyone's lives look so happy and perfect. I would have never known otherwise what was going on these last months. I wish only the best for you. X r

Pat Schneider

PLEASE be very careful with regard to the meds. While you need to know what life is like without them, do not discount the fact that you may need something. Possibly you should "shop" for a new dr.? I say this out of pure selfishness---I enjoy reading your blog and want you to be well!


Oh how I can empathize! Thanks for sharing.


Dear Anne,

Most bloggers shy away from sharing personal stories, but when they do, when you do, it's truly inspiring. It's a chance to connect beyond pretty pictures. And it made me feel less lonely in my own journey.

Your 60 day yoga challenge inspired me to get back on my mat and go back to my studio after an 8 month absence. Things are finally starting to feel back in balance again, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you for inspiring me to make every day pretty (to wear pretty things, to remember to take pictures), but also for making it okay when things aren't very pretty.



Thank you so much for sharing that, Anne! you are a brave soul and I love your blog, been following for a few years now. I"ve never left a comment on any thing but your entry compelled me to thank you. As one who had struggled with depression for 8 years, I can appreciate some of what you have gone through. And the societal cultural taboo it is to mention it. So thank you in your lovely way to share with us your journey.


I've only just found you, but have to say, this is a beautiful post. Well done for getting through it - wait, that's totally understating the massive effort - you deserve a medal!


What a great story and most of all your achievement Anne! We'll done you as I can only imagine how hard it was for you at the very beginning. I had also found yoga very therapeutic when it comes to deal with every day life and stressful lifestyle. I live in London and 3 years ago I realised how I am waisting my time, that I don't live my live the way I should. Leaving in a big city, morning rush hours, long days at work ... It all dragged me down to a dark hole! I was always tired and could not find any happiness. Until one day when my colleague from work invited me to a yoga class. To cut long story short, I just fell in love with the piece of mind that yoga gave me from the start. It's been over 3 years now for me of practicing yoga and Pilates. I learnt to slow down, let others to run on the underground, I just simply keep with my own pace. I know it sounds unrealistic but I swear it changed my understanding of living. I am more creative right now, I changed my job, my confidence grown and I am thinking about launching my own homeware online store. And I am sure you will be doing great, believe in yourself! You had already achieved a lot! Love xx


Your honesty in this post is incredibly brave and greatly appreciated.

It's a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere. Why is this (extremely common)struggle still taboo? Psych meds are so routinely prescribed, yet people are so averse to admitting to taking them. I take them, and find even the SUBJECT makes most people uncomfortable.

I NEVER comment on blogs, but I just want you to know how strong, capable, and inspirational I think you are. Best of luck with everything!



Thanks for being so open, Anne. This entry and others you've included over the past year have helped me to better understand and support my daughter, who struggles with depression and body image issues. I admire your strength, and hope you recognize how much you are helping others. Thanks again. Dan


Amazing. Thank you for sharing beyond your comfort. I shared your post about starting yoga and I love coming back to find how it's gone. How *you* are.


I saw the photo you posted on Instagram but am so glad I read this post. Now I'm even more impressed! :) I quite like quitting things cold turkey. (I did the same many years ago with Prozac, cigarettes, etc.) You did well to find something so rigorous and clarifying to help you over the hump. Wishing you all the best in these coming months. xx


Wow! Anne that sounds like such a tough time, and I'm happy to hear that you're in a better place now.

While I don't have depression, the winter months are always tough for me emotionally. I've started practicing yoga regularly last October and it has made such a positive impact on my life.

I hope that you continue to gain strength and peace from it, and listen to what your body and mind need.

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