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September 12, 2013


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i'm moving in four weeks and i'm really excited to decorate our new home. i'm leaning towards keeping most things light and bright and working with textures instead of bright colors to make things pop!

Samantha Penney

I plan to switch out my linens and couch pillows for the fall. I love Nate's line at target


I love to switch out throws for the change in seasons.

Samantha Penney

retweeted and tagged!

heta s

I will be changing pillow covers on my living room couch. I love the print on #3 and it will match with my decor. Thanks for the giveaway.

Haley Y

For fall, I'll be adding more lighting around the house, as evenings get darker. Also hoping to edit the objects on my mantle and occasional tables.

I am always tempted by these item at Target, I'd love to get some extra spending money to help me buy them! :)


I will be switching things up with some new accent pillows.


I always switch things up with a throw and pillows.


Tweeted too.


I'm excited to decorate for fall in our new house - especially on our front porch. I'm envisioning all sorts of orange, red and yellow planters.


I'm shopping for new throw pillows for fall! It's my favorite season!


I always switch out all the covers for my throw pillows - bed and couch. It makes such a huge difference! Thank you for the great giveaway!

Bree N

Painting the master bedroom and changing the bedding to match.


I'm moving this fall, so I am looking to get a fresh start. For the new season, I love to swap out my candles in favor of cozier, earthier scents. I also put out throw blankets in anticipation of the cold, and I am definitely in need of new ones. Looking forward to seeing what the collection has to offer.

Valerie J.

Love it all! I will definitely add some cosy touch this fall, more throw blankets for starters!
Thanks for the giveaway!


Love Nate Berkus, and especially his line at Target! I am embracing grey and gold in my powder room re-do for fall, and also in my wardrobe. :-)


These pictures look so relaxing! I've had my eye on that tortoise shell for a while...maybe I'll gussie up the guts to get it. My living room is very white, black, and red, and while I need to change from a white couch to a black one (thank you, niece and nephew), I want more color in my space, in a big way, but not too overwhelming. I'm thinking of painting a few of the major furniture pieces in bold colors, and then using accessories in either small pops of color or neutral to support them. It'll be an ongoing process, so hopefully I'll be happy with the outcome by Thanksgiving!

Waiting on Martha  (@WaitingonMartha)

Fabby post, doll! And great giveaway of course. Nate Berkus is so dang lovable! Especially loving "A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it." #truth.

Big hugs! xo

Kelly M

First of all, great interview! In terms of switching it up for fall, we have a bunch of pastel and softer colored pillows on our couch and chairs at the moment and I would love to pick up several of Nate's black and gold throw pillows to get the space a little closer to fall moods and take us through New Years!


Love that deep-blue ikat-esque bedding above!

Daria Carson-Dussan

I'll be adding new curtains in the bedroom, much too bright in our new place. Want to use Nate Berkus's soft gray window panels from Target.

Lesley Myirck

I'd love to switch up my sofa pillows this fall. I love mine, but have had them for a while. Looking for a change!

Lesley Myirck

Annnnd xo

Nicole P.

Thanks for the great interview - I too am a big Nate Berkus fan! As the season changes I'll be updating my house by draping some cozy throws on chairs throughout the space to encourage everyone to curl up and stay warm as winter approaches!

Jess Martin

I'll be trading my white flowy curtains out for a cozier, warmer look!

Chandler Adaway

I'm definitely picking up Nate's throw pillows to spruce up the couch this fall. I'm also SO into those new candle stick holders that will be perfect for dinner parties with a few of them lined up on the table. They just scream fall/happiness to me! Yummm. Now I'm craving pumpkin pie. :)


i'm planning on painting some rooms and buying new curtains for the fall!

Terri Flowerchild

I like to change out the pillow covers and the quilt on the back of the couch to fallish colors.

the homesteady

My new idea for fall is to *simplify*, from my home decor to my wardrobe :)


I will decorate my house with fall leaves and would get a new fall themed painting


hm... my usual strategy is to switch out the pillows,add throws,and bring in gold,wood and some yellow/orange accessories... Nate.. help me...


I love the transition into fall. This year I am focusing on bringing the outdoors in with textures and the colors of fall. Golds, soft grey skies and green/gold foliage.

Emily K..

I'd love to add a plush rug and some cozy blankets around the house for fall!


i've ordered mustard yellow velvet fabric and am recovering two chairs in the living room. and i was actually inspired by nate pic with the choice in fabric! love him.

Kerry Doyle

I've been working on updating my living room this year by adding more black, white, and natural wood tones... I'm still having trouble deciding what my accent color should be: warm red, teal, or mustard yellow (maybe all)?


Ok you're officially more amazeballs now. A Q+A w/ Nate? Be still my little heart. ;)

I'll be switching it up this fall by buying some new throw pillows (long overdue) as well as some more rich, earthy toned accents, hopefully from his collection. I've always admired everything from Nate Berkus for Target, but haven't purchased yet (shame on me)! I think it's about time I indulge and shake it up a little at home.

lauren fair

love NB and target! we'll be switching it up by getting a new awesome distressed iron tv cabinet + finally printing some travel photos in natural wooden frames :)


I'll be heading to Target on September 15th!

Kristina M

for fall, i will definitely be adding more candles into my decor scheme. flames for fall are the perfect backdrop!


new pictures and frames.


Switching sandals for boots. Shoes are my weakness...its a filipino thing :-)

Elizabeth Farina

I'm looking to switch up my tween son's room from brighter little boy colors to some sophisticated neutrals that will not look so "babyish" to him!


darker colors. replacing some of my aqua decor for more season appropriate shades. can't wait!


Hoping to make some major changes, including white walls and a newly reupholstered grey couch!


For fall, I plan to get colorful throw pillows b/c right now living room all neutrals

Elizabeth Morris

I'm already on board with the monochromatic interior and metallics, but I can't wait to change out the covers on my throw pillows for richer, heavier fabrics. I also love the idea of layering in dark green for fall. It seems like such a natural transition for cooler months.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Finally decorating our place this fall, after living in our current apartment for 5 years!


We put new art on the walls, but looking for some fun dining room table decor - headed to Target on the 15th!


I am switching up for fall by buying new decorative pillows. I love the ones by Nate!


We just moved into a new home, so I am so excited to decorate for fall! Mums and pumpkin spice candles are two of my favorite ways to ring in the fall season.

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