The City Sage: The Great Dry Shampoo Debate

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April 26, 2013


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Well... It's ok to use but I can't seem to get these wacky strands to calm down after sleeping without a thorough rinse. Naturally curls right over the forehead are painfully hard to manage!

Liesl Morris

Even though I have LOTS of hair, it's pretty fine and doesn't need to be washed every day. I like using dry shampoo (Pssst! is my favorite of the brands I've tried), but I often just rub baby powder between my palms and then into my roots. Works well for me, and costs a lot less! I'm curious to try Fekkai now, though! Thanks for sharing!


honestly, i just use baby powder, it absorbs all the oil right up and works wonders for me. the only trick is to make sure you apply it from underneath the hair so it blends/absorbs properly.

My Love Wedding Ring

I must admit to never having tried dry shampoo, but with so much buzz about it just now, I think I'm going to have to - at least so I can join in the debate from an informed perspective!! And who knows, I may love it!!


I've heard a bunch of times that Klorane is the best. I'm using it now and love it. Before I was using Oscar Blandi Pronto. Pronto and Klorane are similar, but Klorane perhaps more natural. Stay away from dry shampoo with chemicals, because that powder will be sitting on your scalp until your next wash.

Dry shampoo has saved my baby fine hair. I now only wash it 2x/week, even though I exercise regularly. My hair is more voluminous and less damaged as a result. It just looks better, with less effort. Hoorah! Be careful to really rub in the powder, otherwise you may look graying (even as a blonde I can get whitish-gray patches).

Karen Judge

My sister and I both love this stuff from Walgreens called "Salon Graphix." Works great and is CHEAP. It does make the hair feel a bit like it's loaded down with hairspray but that actually makes it easier to style.

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