The City Sage: On the Hunt: The Best Spring Sneakers

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February 18, 2013


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aimee tietze adams

I'm N synch with ya today Miss Anne, wearing my pink lowtop Golas! I may have just gone to the doc + rounded some errands, but seeing your pink golas affirmed my esteem's need to feel in touch. Thanks!


oh I LOVE that first look!!!
So sweet and tough

lydia {ever ours}

let's go shopping for spring sneakers. confession: i don't even own a pair of chucks!


I like the red pair.


I saw some cute Converse ones at Marimekko the other day in NYC.
Here's a link:


I know what you mean. i tend to ump on trends after the fact, oh well, as long as i like it. But i really do want a pair of isabel marant kicks...but the price has be double thinking, can i justify it? weird on a hand bag im like yea, on sneakers, i havent crossed that line yet... i do have the steve maddens and they are super nice and comfortable!

dervla @ The Curator

this is going to be boring but i've got my same old blue pair of converse that i'll break out spring after spring. I will say that i'd love a colorful pair to add to my collection - maybe New Balance?


I walk everywhere in New York so I absolutely am on the sneaker trend and also think spending more on comfy ones is a must (ie: my Isabel Marants which are all I want to wear these days). I'd rather spend money on sneaks than a pair of heels that I won't wear nearly as often.


hello, I'm a little late to finding this post, but was wondering if you could tell me the brand of the beige sneakers you have pictures in the upper left corner? I have fallen in love with them...
thanks! kathy

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