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December 05, 2012


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This Is Dru

I can barely figure out what I want on my coffee table without breaking out into hives! I don't know that I can tackle color blocking a book shelf! ;)


LOVE THIS. Colorblocking makes everything look so pulled together!

Joody Park

Love this look especially the lamp! Can't wait to try this out this wkend. Thanks!

jasmine paredes

talk about white on white on white.
i'd love to add that lamp to my new white bedside table.


Ahhh such a cute giveaway!!

Linda L

i've been really into pink recently. love how you incorporated it into your design.


That frame is sooo perfect and we're looking for a tabletop lamp! So basically the best giveaway ever :)


Books are the soul in my studio, but they get dark and dusty and need a little taming now and then. Does the little armadillo pop out of that glorious bungalow lamp?

Rachael Sparkfire

Thank you for the hottest and trendiest accessories to brighten my world and bring color every day! xoxo, SParks


Beautiful job styling! I moved last weekend and that lamp has a spot in my new house!

Peggy Braswell

As a former stylist, what you did takes talent.(in my humble opinion) Grand job.


Love your post over at Layla Grace! I've saved this link for when I tackle my bookcases in the spring!

kelsey bethune

I've just finally moved into a space that inspires me enough to try new things like this. The trouble is, I want like, ALL of those lamps. Together. With me.

Love it, Anne!

Grace @ sense and simplicity

You're right - they are absolutely gorgeous.

Kristina M

this lamp is perfect! great giveaway!


I love that picture frame - also, how cute is that armadillo!

Amy Gattle

Beautiful bookshelves! Great giveaway too!

mary @ B&Gjournals

i have that same little brass vintage owl and love him. so funny when you see one of your little knick knack vintage finds show up elsewhere...

Kristen S



What great pieces. I'm not sure if the chevron thing is going to go out soon but it's too late for me. I committed with a piece for each room. This frame would add a finishing touch :)


Pick me!

evamarie c

AWESOME! I love both the lamp and frame! Really hoping a I win. Thanks for the chance, Anne.

Samantha Miller

Incredible styling, Anne! Wishing you all the best in Los Angeles.

Erin Taylor

Anne I love this!! These two pieces would be the perfect addition to my home! I need them


I've always wanted to try this. Hopefully your post will be the inspiration I need to get me going! Also, please enter me for that give away! Dying over that lamp!

Jonathan David

If you pick me for the drawing, I'll give you a really cool Christmas present.


I love colorblocking in spaces like this, It can turn cluttered into serene in an instant! (or a weekend)


I love lamp!

steph schneider

serious envy of that bookshelf - amazing piece! love the way you styled it too.


Amazingg giveaway!! I love the styling you do immensely!

Kristen Westergaard

I just moved into a new place , too. This kind of thing is super helpful.


That lamp is stunning! We are about to move to a new place and I cannot wait to decorate - love the colorblocking idea!

Aurora S

I sure would love a little something new to spruce things up at home, and that lamp and frame would be just perfection!

Hannah B.

I think my favorite must be the white block... soooo pretty!

Mary Frances

what a fun giveaway!

Ashley Stephens

Anne, I need that lamp in my life. And when I say need, I mean NEED. Like, I might die if I don't win... And you wouldn't want that, so pick me!!


I love how you styled everything, I have my books separated by colors but haven't thought to color block my tchotchkes as well!


I love this entire look. I get so daunted by my buffet table shelf, it is hard to come up with something cool. Your styling looks so beautiful and it fits perfectly in my loft apt!

Kimberly M

Love these items & the styling! Thanks for the contest!

Tine G

Love your vignettes, beautiful lamp and frame!
Tine G


Oh my gosh, that lamp! Would love to win it!


wow! such beautiful work, you've inspired me to tackle my own bookshelf...

Patti Borrelli @BeSoStyle

So happy i found your blog {via emily henderson}... love connecting with other stylists. And of course LOVE your color-blocked book shelf styling. So fun!

Cindy Aiton

I hope I'm not too late for the giveaway! I love the shelf, and those amazing prizes. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

My Latest Excuse

Ooh! Can't wait to try this on my ladder shelf! (P.S. I love lamp.)


Oh gosh, gorgeous pieces, and a great project. Want! :)

Liz M-N

I have a shelf in the guest room that needs some styling! love it!


I am going to be moving soon and this has given me some great ideas. My parents have been lovely enough to put up with me moving in and out for the past few years and hopefully this will be the last time. I want to nest and put my stamp on a place for me to call home!


Beautiful lamp and beautiful styling! Thank you for a chance!

Melissa de la Fuente

What?! Now, come on! That lamp is to die. and the frame is gorg. I don't blame you for a'blurtin ONE bit! :)

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