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November 07, 2012


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This post is spot ON, Anne!! Seriously, could use those 48 hours!! And LOVE your picks! Especially the PJs and the movie pics (totally have that set of Katherine Hepburn films!!)!


Raising my hand. Big time.

lydia {ever ours}

gah....feel better, anne! i'm all for your cozying up and watching a gajillion romcoms! didn't realize you moved to LA! welcome!

mary @ B&Gjournals

even when you are sick you put up the most lovely photos. feel better soon!


Hope you feel better quickly! My mom used to always give me honey, lemon, hot water and a shot of brandy- i'm sure that was just to knock me out so I wouldn't complain :)

Hannah B.

Yes, Kate Hepburn is the perfect sick-day companion. But if you do still insist on working, might I suggest spilling a little bourbon in that crazy tea concoction? ;)


feel better, pookie

ginger from the style of being

Uh huh. Add to the list pillows and high as you can stack them.

Heidi Jo

Feel better soon! I'm feeling pretty brilliant right now because I randomly started doing that tea for colds because I figured all of those things are good for you. Glad it's been confirmed!

Jessica Nicole

Hahahah! I am NOT making you, I am reminding you of the benefits so you continue to drink it (even if it tastes gross!) xo

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