The City Sage: Get Dressed: Mad Men Style Part Deux

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July 13, 2012


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These images are gorgeous, Anne! x - E


Great styling and photos..oh and the gorgeous makeup! You look so amazing. Couldn't agree with you more- everyone should get photos taken that make them feel beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. XX

caroline lee

Having YOU on my team blesses me daily, Anne! So grateful for your presence and friendship in my life.

PS: you're gorgeous. xx

Molly Marler

So so beautiful, Anne. Seriously--everything is so on point in this series its nuts. Love it.

Account Deleted

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just found your blog and love your aesthetic!


I know what you mean. Sometimes, whenever I do a styled shoot- I think who am I kidding, I'm not a model- what's the purpose for this? And then I realize most of it is just for me- and living out part of a dream, and that's a better reason than I could think of otherwise. And hopefully it will inspire other people as well.

I love your shoots. Please keep on making them.

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Maryam in Marrakech

This is so very fun, Anne! Great images!


Great post!Really love the photos you shared!

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