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April 19, 2012


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that fish leather clutch is amazing! i love the lace dishes as well.


Perolas necklace


A set of the recycled shag throw pillows would help spruce up my vintage (er, old) couches!


I would love to have the Cesto Yanomami woven basket! I can see a cluster of baskets (Urutu Basket’s 10, 11, & 14), framing my entertainment center, and housing my extra throws and soft pillows. To go along with all of the beautiful woven materials, I would then buy four of the Urucurea Placemats.


I can see why they have an entire section devoted to basketry, the little trio ones are lovely! The blown glass globe vases are quite nice as well


Ecotasy is such a cool shop! It's exactly the kind of aesthetic I want to create in my home. I love their wool throws and tabletop accents. I also think it's awesome that they have a "Basketry" section :)


The Coco Platter would be perfect on my side counter in the kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


never heard of this website, but i'm totally loving it! I'm getting ready to move soon and would definitely spend the $125 on kitchen supplies

Linda L

wow, this is great! so many cool dishes and pillows! we are just settling into our new home and would love to buy stuff to accessorize our new home!


I'll be honest...this was my first time on their site and there are so many amazing pieces. I LOVE the Urutu baskets and can think of a million ways to use them. I also would love the Sucupira Stool. Such a functional piece.


I love the large wooden salad bowl! so beautiful and classic. I'd put the $125 towards that. Great shop!


Beautiful (and reasonably priced) pieces, thank you for sharing! My favorite is the Sucupira Stool.


This is tough to narrow down, but I love the large, heavy black Goiabeira Pot 3, the Havarianas IPÊ Toucan flips, and the lace dishes are very pretty. Thanks!


The sucupira stool is my favorite.


I would definitely get the wine rack, then spend the rest on pillows and kitchen supplies!


I need some new pillows for my living room, I think that is the direction I would go. Beautiful stuff, hard to choose.


I think the Urucureá Placemat 2 would look really great with my dishes.


The baskets & blankets are lovely :)

Kristina M

i love the capivara series of mugs and bowls. so great!

Kristen S

I would use it for the most badass toilet roll holder ever!


Gorgeous basketry!


I love the carry bag, or maybe a pair of gaucho baskets.


What a lovely shop! As someone who appreciates lots of little well-made things whose function satisfies both practicality and design, I was drawn to their kitchenware in a heartbeat. I, too, am moving soon, and to the most idyllic hole-in-the-wall garden studio where everything is covered in ivy and thistle. I can only imagine what a dream it would be to serve up weekend breakfasts in some of Ecostasy's dishware! With $125, I think I could manage to buy one of each bamboo spoons and spatulas (perforated and not), four cafezinho cups and saucers, a tulipa mug ("2") and, well, maybe a few coasters just because.

But after carefully selecting each thing, I'd probably just change my mind altogether and spring for the baby gaucho blanket priced exactly at $125. Such a beautiful piece. Cool mornings spent with a blanket and a good cup of coffee? My new little home couldn't be more homier.


the tracaja stool and the boto stool EASY!


Tagutinga pillow, plus one of the lace dishes. Beautiful things!

Jessica Nicole

i would buy as many urutu baskets as i could POSSIBLY fit in my little home. and maybe a juca rabbit for my one-day-baby [don't worry, not yet ;o)]. xo


Absolutely love the lace pendant lamps. I have exactly the room for either one!

Laura Lynch

the sucupira stool or the bombacha bag are some of the tabletop items too!


I love everything in the Accessories section!


I would get lots of smaller things like capivara bowls, cuia bowls, copa vase, urucuréa coasters and if I had anything left the monkey stationary : )


I really like the CAPIVARA collection!


HI! What a great shop Ecostasy is! Hmmmm....I would pick up as many of the Kaxinawa wrist bands as $125 would buy, them give one to each of my sisters, as well as one to my Mom, my sister-in-law, and to each of my friends! It's a great summer bracelet, but what's better is that every time it's worn one would be reminded to go green!


I would buy some of the throws and pillow!

Erin Faye

What an amazing giveaway! I would get the BABY GAÚCHO BLANKET!!


Thank you! Can't decide between the rug and the Moxo stool! Both!

Elena V


Thanks for the giveaway! You are so generous. My favorite item is the Capivara Bowl with a funky little cat on it.


I would buy so many things there because we are moving to our new house soon :) I love their tree vases and clay centerpieces.

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Beautiful (and reasonably priced) pieces, thank you for sharing! My favorite is the Sucupira Stool.


Just fell in love with the sweet little dolphin shaped boot stool. I'm not a kid, but as a kid at heart, I would love to see that in my bedroom!!


First off, thanks for the heads up on this amazing shop! I loooove it all. But the Babies and Kids section is where I would love to spend $125.00. My husband and I are expecting our first little one on April 27th. The little Baby V-neck cardigan is too cute to pass up. The wooden toy selection is right up our ally too. So, if I win, I would be one happy mama to be!


Love your blog!!!
I have one blog also and I just posted looks from Los Angeles, take a look:


i'm completely smitten with the BABY GAUCHO BLANKET, too.

thx for the inspiration!


Wow, what beautiful pieces! I am in love with the Weg chair, and the teapot is perfect.


I would definitely be shopping in the basket section -- they are truly lovely. Thanks for the opportunity.

laura g.

Some of the erutu basketry and a moxo stool!


I need some new throw pillows!!! Thanks for the fun give away!

Karla Gutierrez-Pugh

I would get some new kitchen stuff!


Some baby stuff including the Boto Stool.


My little sis is having a baby,so I'd spend it all on her: the Trajaca turtle stool, the Juca rabbit, and the Teethers. That oughta do it! Adorable. I love eco-friendly items that don't look like they got hit with the ugly stick. Ultimate!

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