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February 27, 2012


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Those are all great travel essentials! I also find I like to rotate between TOMS and Reefs while driving a lot!


Fun stuff. That driving sounds horrendous though. I've been going nuts with work too, it's really nice to see some cozy things for ideas on how to cope! I need cozy! :)


For long drives, I like leggings and lots of podcasts. Mostly Savage Love and This American Life. I laugh and cry and it makes the time pass quickly. And snacks!! Pretzels and apples.


obsessed with lara bars!

Erin Beveridge

I LOVE my lululemon wonder under leggings (workout leggings that look like real leggings but dont get all gross and stretched out after a long car ride), also a soft flowing t-shirt is a must have...I always go for a super soft light cotton (Fluxus is my current fav brand for that!)...I travel a lot too between Santa Barbara, LA, and San Jose so I definitely understand what you mean about the starbucks oatmeal and workout DVDs!

Erin Beveridge

oh and my Blog is http://www.fablifeincalifornia.blogspot.com/

meant to post that with my other comment! :)

Amanda P.

I love these images! In fact, I pinned the one with the girl carrying a million suitcases and wrote "this is how much I pack for a weekend trip". Too funny...


When traveling I always try to look at put-together as possible...because it makes me feel more energized and on top of things.

Scarves, cotton button-downs, cute leggings, and boots are my usual uniform!


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Please tell me you had some great tunes for all those hours in the car :)

Thanks for the suggestion on the bra - Stylish and comfy? I am ordering mine as we speak (aka as I type).

sue ingram

I love having music that I can sing out loud to. And lots of nuts, apples and carrot sticks to keep me focussed and alert. Ultra processed fast food stuff makes me sleep behind the wheel!
I am also very interested in what you consider to be a quality sunscreen? Mine must be natural, with no toxic chemical ingredients else I just don't bother - I wear long sleeves while driving instead.

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