The City Sage: Another Loeffler Randall Fashion Hit: Clogs by HEART LR

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February 13, 2012


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maddie flanigan

oh-em-gee! These are awesome. And I wish it wasn't 22 degrees here in Philly so I could give my toes some wiggle room in these. Thanks for posting!

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-though my physique is more German farmgirl--and those gold lace-ups on these are very Anita Ekberg!

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OMG! I absolutely LOVE the gold and black ones.

I was looking for some comfy clogs for work but this makes my heart cry out for some cute clogs for play.

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Leather hats

I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

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There's something about clogs, no? That clomp, clomp sound they make when you walk echos of playgrounds and summer days

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