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December 06, 2011


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Honestly a little bummed that the pink curtains on page 87 weren't hyperlinked. They were the most standout piece in that room!


So glad to see that the next issue is up! I really look forward to seeing each new issue, and I'm settling in with a nice cup of tea to read it tonight :)

Hannah B.

Dolly spoke/sang at my graduation a couple of years ago and, as a belle, I am in *love* with her style. I loved the cover immediately (bouffant + emerald green... oh, honey!) and the rest of the issue is just magical! XO*

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So pretty! Congratulations!

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I like it when she doesn't want to do something I ask, she responds, "No, it's too late." (which is what I say to her when she asks for food/drinks after 7:00).

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You guys rocked it once again!! All worth the crazy long days!! Love all the amazing inspiration!!

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wooohooo i finally have time to read the new issue. LOVELY!!! Hard work paid off!

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