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November 25, 2011


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Sarah Swell

The first image is SO perfect!

ayala land

i like what you've done with Bri's dining room, but what is with the old photos on the washroom/livingrooom?

My Daily Inspiration Board

These were exactly my favorite photos from this month's House Beautiful!


Love all of these settings!! The rug in the first image is amazing!! Do you know who makes it?



Love #2.


great inspiration!
have a Cupcake sweet Monday!

Rowaida Flayhan

Greetings from London, so true I received the Dec issue of House beautiful and it is amazing. Your last issue of Rue magazine was beautiful Anne, I cant wait for the new issue. Best if luck and success xo

Paula Grace

A fantastic place. A lot of interest!

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it looks really nice especially the ones with dark wood

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Buy and Sell

..great post
..I'm always a big fan of finding new--non-cheesy--ways to display greenery in the home.
..thanks for sharing!

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Anvaya Cove

OMG lovely furniture


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