The City Sage: The Rue Anniversary Issue Has Arrived!

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October 05, 2011


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A big, big (!) congratulations to you on your 1st anniversary! Well done - you've done a fantastic job! Here's to many many more

xo xo


Love this post Anne! I can't believe I met you right before Rue's launch and I have completely enjoyed watching the growth of the magazine all along! You continue to be so inspiring to me! xx

Elly @ Caribbean Living

HUGE congratulations on such a fabulous achievement - you guys are a fantastic inspiration to all aspiring design-types! xo


Congratulations! The issue looks great. All of your hard work is paying off handsomely.


Well done on reaching year 1 - it must be so lovely knowing you were able to achieve such magic. I love Rue!

Molly Marler

Kudos, dear Anne, and Congrats to all you fab Rue girls! May you continue to create & inspire for many years to come! Looking so forward to getting to celebrate in person next time you're in LA!! Xoxo


A huge congratulations to you on one year! I always look forward to each and every new issue. It's genuinely one of the most beautiful magazines and I'm always saddened when I reach the end.

By the way, from one shy girl to another, it's actually very inspiring to know that you used to be shy as I never would've guessed that you were! Hopefully (with much effort on my part), I can grow out of it more than I already have (I used to never be able to talk to strangers, now it's getting easier).

Sarah Rhoads

Anne, you are an incredible woman. I am so thankful for Rue to bringing us together! I have found such a friend in you!


Congrats Anne! You guys deserve all the success in the next year as well. We've loved being a part of helping to make it happen and hope to work more with you this year too!

The Poppy Crew loves you!


You girls are really inspiring. I love that you don't try to hide how hard it is at times or how many hours you put in. You let us all know how much work it is to create something beautiful and rewarding, which makes me appreciate it all the more. Thank you for a fantastic year of Rue!

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Ada @ New York

HAPPY 1 year anniversity .. and to many many more! I look forward to every new issue and you have such a sweetness in your writing (very inspiring) thank you!

Sharon Taylor

Congrats! One year is a big mile stone, Keep up the good work!

Cottage David

Congratulations on your first year!

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Superb article mate but how do get your rss feed? Please sending us an e-mail with instructions?

C. Lamps

Congratulations! And more power to the people behind this magazines success. I also love the chandeliers you featured here.

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