The City Sage: Rainbow Inspiration: Kelly Oshiro

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September 27, 2011


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Happy Cactus Designs

So fun! What an awesome idea for an easy (and colorful) tablecloth!


Wow, those rainbow chevrons are amazing :)

Angel Y.

I can see why you squeal! I love the washi tape. Everything is amazing. She's amazing!

jenn {bow tie & bustle}

Ummmm....LOVING this!!!

I love those red chairs!

charities local

I like your Rainbow Inspiration.Its Kelly Oshiro Design.Its wonderful and colourful sharing.


I love all the fun colors! Great way to entertain your guests!

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Beautiful cake~!! I could not bear to eat...

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i love cake and fun colors...

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i love cake and fun colors...


I absolutely love this photography. xo

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have a nice day

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I found this page bookmarked and really liked what I read. I will surely bookmark it too and also read your other articles tomorrow.

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So daughters first birthday is coming up and I can't wait to use some of these ideas for inspiration. Thanks for sharing:)

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