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April 04, 2011


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La Maison Fou

I have been seeing this one make a grand entrance.
I love the concept of un decorating...the sole purpose for decorating, right? To enter a room that just "feels" right. One of the best compliments is to look as if you had no designer, as if the look fell into perfectly placed pieces.

Mauimandy@The Grains of Paradise

Beautiful dining table! I love the pastel lanterns too :)


Just read the NYT article... interesting, thanks for sharing! :)

Claudia Juestel

I have always loved interiors that don't look too perfect or too decorated, but rather a little lived in. An interior has to feel right to its owners emotionally. That is why World of Interiors is my favorite magazine.

That kid's room is awesome.



Malka Sabroe-JoHanson

I love those interiors, I guess I may have to buy the book. I love all your posts, thank you for sharing them.


I think I need the bed in that last photo! The paper lanterns are so fun :) contemplating whether I'm too old for them...

Kate @ Travelmoon

I had flipped through the book before, but then really studied it last week, when my mom got a signed copy at the Laguna Design Center! There are so many details to enjoy!


I think I need this book. Hopefully upon purchase my entire house rearranges itself into awesomeness.


This aesthetic is totally up my alley. I am so itching to get my hands on a copy.

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I’ll be really curious about what you think of the pizzas then! Enjoy and keep me posted.

Kelly Linn

I love the paper lanterns featured in 'Undecorate' - I saw the book as a review in Better Homes & Gardens. Now I'm dying to buy these paper laterns that fold together as opposed to just the round latern - any clue where to find??

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Everything looks gorgeous. The paper lanterns do look great! I will get a copy today.


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