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April 27, 2011


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Jacqueline H. Vo

i'm loving the painting in the second photo. :)

Kate @ Travelmoon

The stairway is just stunning with that wallpaper!

Luciane at

Oh.. all right! It's amazing, I like all the different textures but I couldn't live with all that color! I don't know, I think I'd get tired of seeing the same things everyday because they're so strong. But It's beautiful to see it... :-)

Hope you have a Gorgeous Day!


Luciane at

Paulette @ At Home in Arkansas

Anne, these are soo pretty!


I love the wallpaper and the magenta animal hide rug in the last photo! How original!


just what I needed to see on a day that is just one of a series of gray, rainy days we've been having. The canvas in the second photo is beautiful.


love all three pictures, amazing color!

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First one is superb. You are very good artist, It is mixture of all colors.

Homeowner Insurance

The painting in the second pic is so adorable.


Man! I wish I could be that free handed with color! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Heather C.


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