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January 17, 2011


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I'm loving the clean minimalist approach.


Great review, love the use of books in the built in shelves in the 2nd photo.

Luciane at

Oh, I am loving it! It feels serene, clean!

Beautiful, Anne.


Luciane at

lydia {ever ours}

love how the bedroom is set up!

ChantaleP of mtl.folio

Now this is a book we should be getting as we find more of our clients tend to veer to this style rather than contemporary or modern. Thx for the peek & post Anne!


I have to say, though I don't consider my style too traditional, this book looks like a beautiful one. Traditional elements can work well in plenty of design styles and I have already seen a lot of great details that I could incorporate into my own eclectic home just from the photos you've posted here. Thanks for sharing!


Love the fresh approach to traditional design...thanks for sharing!


Anne, I am kissing my computer screen right now.. The book may be comme-ci comme-ca, but I love (!) these pictures and they are going straight into my treasure chest of inspiration.
Darryl Carter is fantastic. Love his NY apartment and his sense of adding a layer of refined rusticity to decor.

x Charlotta

Cheap Shopping

These are really nice room decors but give some what dull impact. Make it some what bright.... :)


This looks like a definite must have book for the collection! Great style!


absolutely gorgeous. can't wait to pick up a copy for myself.

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Thanks for a well-done review! I'm pleased

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How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so much for sharing!

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I'm really enjoying the last few posts in which you describe your process - very informative!

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This is a great design. I'll use this in my future house.

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