The City Sage: Black and White: Thomas O'Brien's Long Island Home

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January 31, 2011


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Christina @ greige and My Sparrow

What a great space!

Design Elements

wonderful home! I've read the book 2 months ago. I love it. lovely greetings

Luciane at

Gorgeous post! Love Thomas's place! Wow!

About the floors... How often do you like to clean it? I ask you that because with dark floors you have to clean it very often. You can see every speckle of dust (remember "Horton hears a who"? lol), but if you love dark floors go for it. Bleached floors are gorgeous, I especially love belgium oak. They look divine and you can never go wrong with them.

Take care and enjoy your trip to NYC, Anne! :-)


Luciane at

Post of the Day: A House in Malibu.


Gorgeous post Anne, Love Thomas O'Brian. I do adore antique oak planks in a herringbone pattern (one of my dreams)!

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Art by Karena


ohohohoh! LOVE this, so glad you posted more photos, I have just seen the one from Domino, I love that light fixture in white and black, I am so going to copy that!


gorgeous home! the kitchen is a dream.

lydia {ever ours}

love love the clean and crisp look!


Wow, this space is spectacular and so indicative of his style!


I'd go with bleaching the floors, but I don't have a good reason why? :) I just like the look of it over dark floors. Love the black and white and the personality in this space... I'm loving that corner cabinet in black with the glass detail...


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you Anne for the great post.


Absolutely gorgeous - thanks for sharing. Black and White with a touch of camel and a flash of silver...divine combination.

The house featured here has basically that colour scheme, but more rustic in tone and application.

(simply click pages forward)

Carol Ann

This home works with the added colour of taupe, mushroom & camel, I am so in love with


What a gorgeous home! I have super dark wood floors throughout my home, and I love them, so my vote is for super dark.


a lovely balance space. I do think the tan and wood add to the warmth, though. If it were JUST black and white it wouldn't be quite as soft and inviting to me.

Discount Shop

Awesome home decor in black and white ever i have seen. Especially i like kitchen appliances.


Yeah, I'm pretty much head over heels in love. These are so bright and cheery--amazing how just the simple combo of black and white can do that!

South of Market

What a beautiful space; thoughtful but not contrived. Makes us want to delve into his book right now!

Renata Gross

Gorgeous! I have always love Thomas O'Brian... I kind of dream too of having a house in the country black & White... but, of course it would need a lot of textures and splash of caramel colors everywhere, to warm up the place! Your inspiration pictures were great picks... as my inspiration too!
Thanks for sharing!

hannah maple


Thomas O'Brien is perfection! Since being married I've totally gravitated toward masculine decor and no frills decorating. He accomplishes this perfectly without going overboard. Thanks for posting!

P.S. I vote super dark on your floors. They'll wear better overall, and it would be hard pressed to ever grow tired of them~

Rag And Bone

Looks really neat! I kinda like this design, but too white for me

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