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August 24, 2010


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callie grayson

Design inspiration: You!
I adore Tom Sheerer, being drooling over his work for a while. I do love how he mixes it up!!!

Shell Sherree

"Paralyzed." I feel you, Anne. Ripping up the carpet sounds like a perfect way to start ~ there's no going back from there. ;)


so funny Anne ... Your style sense (which is very very strong) hits me in the face everytime I see it and I'm a little jealous at, what seems to me, how easily you express it...ALL the time. I guess when it's in front of you everyday you don't see it! So glad you found someone to inspire you to start...I think that's what it really was ... His work is stunning and so will yours be!


That's easy. France. It jump starts me every time.


..and if he fancies a follow up charity do in Sydney, you know who to call! :)

The folio is amazing. Thank you for the link. Am off to drool over it now!

xx C


You're in SF and I'm in San Diego. Isnt the weather glorious, finally?! I find design inspiration from photos just like these and I could move in tomorrow.


Great plan! His proportions are sooo elegant.


Design inspiration- all the blogs! I even stopped buying magazines because blogs are just so much better- more personal, more fun and more interactive!

cassandra @ coco+kelley

he's my all-time fave. i think if i had to choose one person to do my 'grown up' house, it would be him.

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