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August 02, 2010


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you are so cute + i love those stylish sweatpants :)


Oh goodness, those pied a terres renovations are incredible... I would kill to have a place like that in Paris!


You are so lovely - a model! I thought these photos were taken from a photo shoot but they were taken by your husband? Amazing! Love the color palette in these photos!

jules @ The Diversion Project

you know i still practice my synchronised swimming most NYE' day 'we'll turn pro, i feel it.

sounds like a cool link, right up my alley - cheers anne!

hope you feel better soon x

Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

You are Adorable, with a capital A. No better cure for a common cold than some sun and a stack of crisp magazines!

Oh and I just clicked over to Rive Gauche Rehab and spent 20 minutes lustfully perusing. Once I hit it big, I'll call them :)

Rachel (heart of light)

Silk cashmere sweats? I'm sold. I manage to fit in quite a lot of sweat wearing time for a person with a regular job.


Ooohhh ... looks like my kind of weekend.


Heading on over to check out Rive Gauche Rehab now...sounds too good!

P.S. Pool and magazines = bliss.

P.P.S Feel better!


Wish I could have been there with you! Boy does that towel look familiar.



What a good decision to trade in the swingset for a pool! I love swimming, sounds like you had fun!

kate zimmerman skogen

your chin is perfect!! i love that photo!! xo


These personal posts of yours are the ones I live for. Love the fuschia and gray ensemble. You are adorable.


A summer trip to any body of water to visit family is always rejuvenating, sad that there's a good chance I'll be missing my family's annual trip our favorite mountain lake this year. :(

On a different note, I love the a+b kasha Paris remodels, simply stunning!

just a girl

No ever made sweatpants look so good!

just a girl

That would be "no ONE," of course.

Mae Lu

BRAVO. Pool over playground? YES PLEASE. It shows that you had good judgement even then!

And hey, you can do sweats in a stylish way.

Here's a link to my "How to wear sweatpants in public" article:

callie grayson

hehe, love cashmere sweat pants!! and with pleats even better!

Cheap Jordans

wo xihuan zhoujielun de ge,xiang yuanyouhui,tuihou,huidao guoqu dengdeng!

ציוד לבריכות שחיה

I agree with you. I like your all decisions. Thanks for sharing this post here. I never found such a great and amazing post.

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