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July 12, 2010


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sylvie of silver lining

oh, how i wish i was sophie the cat! the simple luxury of the library is stellar...and that orange slice chair! love.

sylvie of silver lining


Anne, I'll polish and paint all day and all night...anything to stay in this house for a week or two! Tee hee. Fun post! xo

Ludmila {}

Anne, no other post made me laugh so much while reading! You're a genius! loved it and enjoyed both pictures and text so so much! xoxox

{this is glamorous}

how perfectly lovely! so adoring the dining, and the bath in the last . . .

happy monday, anne! + thanks so much for the link-love,


It's too brilliant! Anne, can't wait to take you up on this offer. Please note, I like to travel with my extensive dress collection. I trust that you'll be able to provide ample closet space (and an industrial steamer). Kthxbye. xoxA


The library!

This one was particularly hilarious - the inflatable mattress cracked me up.




i love it when you write posts like these:)


Hahahaha!!! Love it!




I love that glass table! I think I saw that at and wanted to get it so bad.. love it!


loved this post!


Now that was a very clever post with the loveliest pics...what a combination!

Mona Thompson

Love these images!


This made me literally "lol": "Of course don't actually put your feet up. Do you have any idea of the chaos that would cause? You'll be sleeping with an inflatable mattress on the floor." XD
I love every room shown!


Any idea or suggestion where to find something similar to what is framed on the wall of the first picture?


I loved this entry. It's full of whimsy. Thanks for deriving such a perfect post; it totally melted my stress away!


Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well.Thanks.


OK, you've made my day!


Super beautiful!
love your post~~~

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