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July 27, 2010


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Ikat is gorgeous - thanks for the post. I have also always called it "eye-cat" LOL..glad you cleared that one up for me!

For some reason Ikat always reminds me of the swirly patterns created when gasoline is "mixed" with water (like on the ground at the gas station). Maybe it's because they share the same irregular/bleeding edges or the freakishly geometric shapes produced, but Ikat always reminds me of gasoline. Go figure.

Thanks again!


Couldn't agree more with you about loving Ikat. So glad you taught me the correct pronunciation! I feel so in the know for once. :) A big accomplishment for me!

My Daily Inspiration Board

i love the last photo!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Love that first image and the window seat. I also love the vibrant colours of the last chair.

So funny because I just blogged about these ikat drapes. Ikat and Greek key!


everything about that first photo is perfection. love!!!
xox alison


I'm dying over that chevron horn bench in Madeline Weinrib's bedroom!

The Iconic

I love it too!x


Really lusting after that loveseat in the first picture! Such a nice piece!


I'm equally enamored by ikat. I love it in curtains especially. Omg is Weinreb's room to die for or what?!


Cannot get enough of that Ikat! every color.



That final chair rocks my world. I too am a lover of Ikat, and in fact, I almost bought a bikini with such a print. And then I remembered there's not a chance in Hell I can pull off a bikini, but I still loved it nonetheless!


Just stunning, I love that last chair especially.


The loveseat in the first picture is a proper statement piece. Would be delightful in a hallway.

Ludmila {}

Stunning! One more pattern to love and thank you for the inspiration!


i am itching for some Ikat of my very own!

loving the purple Ikat chairs. i'll take those mirrored coffee tables too please.


I love Ikat and the images you used. I just did a post last week on ikat too.

Sterling Style

I have to agree with you Anne! I love that first image! Thanks for the introduction!

callie grayson

oh, i do adore that bedroom with the sleigh bed!
I have always like ikat but have never used it in any of my projects.
these images are inspiring me to do so!!


carolyn corley burgess

love. love. love.


I want it ALL. Long live ikat!


Love! It is truly beautiful textile. Really makes the decor pop... purely eclectic. My absolute fave.


Obsessed with that ikat chair in the last picture, I reblogged about it on my blog! Great post, I <3 ikat.

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