The City Sage: Ode to Summer Weekends

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July 30, 2010


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Ludmila {}

These pictures are so dreamy! Great ode, Anne! I love summer. Have a fab weekend, xo


Thanks Sis for such a lovely post. I hope you have this kind of weekend!

Hugs and Kisses

Maggie [The Freckled Citizen]

Now *this* is the perfect summer post. Sometimes you don't even need a sparkling ocean to get you in the summer mood (although it certainly doesn't hurt).

carolina - patagonia gifts

lovely post Anne. loved the images. but mostly loved your words. really inspiring for the weekend. have a beautiful one! xo


ditto ditto ditto ! ! !


Here's to a well-written post of summer life by the fabulous blogger, Anne Sage! Happy weekend!


what a lovely post!


That all sounds blissful!! And that kitchen in fabulous!

Dr Alexandra Brooks

LOVE the kitchen! Alex


This is my favorite post to date, love every word of it!

erin, reading my tea leaves

ok, well now my summer weekends are back to looking not so hot again. next summer, i am so there.

Couture Carrie

Gorgeous post!
Love these spaces!



Here's to you for reminding us to live well! Thanks, Paula

Shell Sherree

That spotty chair is darling! Happy summer weekend to you, Anne. I hope the mossie bites aren't too bad.

Caroline C

What a beautifully written post. Your words inspire me to enjoy the summer while I still can. Thank you!


Oh, what a great post! I love what you write! :)


Such an amazing writer! Love to read your blog, and the photos never disappoint!

callie grayson

love that kitchen!

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