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July 06, 2010


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Love the "watermelon" table!!


wowza! this looks really good. thanks for the heads up. all the styling is really fresh and dynamic.

a lovely being

I'm so obsessed with the apartment featured on the cover! I've seriously studied it for hours.. gorgeous.

Tracy F.

I see almost nothing here that I don't love! I'm actually crazy about toile and rumpled slipcovers. lol!


I'm moving into my first little studio apartment this weekend so I was seeking decor inspiration for small spaces. I swiped this magazine because of the small spaces headline! So good! I loved the italian villa style cottage and the little studio with all the toile.


Haven't read the magazine yet but you have clearly picked out the best images! That study in Photo 2 is just amazing... xx

Ludmila {}

the watermelon inspired table setting has left me speechless! oh those colors and patterns, so summer-y! loved the last comment, about your charity action, I think I'm in need of this too :)

Shell Sherree

I'm glad I was sitting down for so much loveliness all at once! I'm rather fond of toile AND rumpled linen slipcovers, so I'm happy to see you've come over to the dark side, Anne. :)


That pink wallpapered wall will force me to join Chinoiserie Anonymous!

Uncle Beefy

So funny, Anne! I just picked up the latest issue yesterday and was dying over all the spaces featured! Especially the sunny, pink, beachy, patio you show above. LOVE it!

And, I applaud you for your charitable efforts with your new organization. The lack of bedroom walls covered in Chinoiserie is astonishing in this country. It's practically an epidemic. Just a tragedy. I will send a check immediately! (Can you just wait to cash it 'til Dec 2011?)

The Design Dish

this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
The Design Dish

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

There is so much to love here- that first room (purple!), the patio, the toile room seperator...swoon! :)


Anne, I feel the same way about Newell Turner. This months House Beautiful is amazing! Moving from a 3000 sq. ft home in the country to a 1400 sq. ft. home in the city, I really loved the theme of "small space". Love this post!


New viewer making their first comment...have to first say that I love your blog! And yes, I snatched up my House Beautiful July issue without hesitation. The cover image is stunning! I am also moving into a much smaller loft apartment from a 3 bedroom house in the country and really appreciated the small space focus. Definitely a Newell Turner fan!

Also, (please excuse the long comment), I would love for you to take a trip by my new Trying to get the word out. :-)

lush bella

lol. would you be offended if i started my own chinoiserie wallpaper fundraising effort here? i'm pretty sure that newell turner is a genius!

April Overall

I adore House Beautiful. And you're right! It's great under the new editor. I swooned when I saw that patio set. How sweet!


Got the magazine a couple weeks ago, so far it's great. Loved the Joe Nye tablescape 1-page feature.
Love you too. xx's


That watermelon table is just adorable and all the colors, so interesting. When I saw it the only think I had in my mind was: That's the place I want to spend the rest of the week at.
Beautiful pictures.


I totally agree, the new editor did not disappoint! Looove the styling in this issue.


I, too, am CRAZY for that wallpaper!

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Love the "watermelon" table!!

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