The City Sage: Floating into July

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July 02, 2010


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I'm dreaming with, Anne. Love that duo of striped pendant lamps. Have a blast this weekend xo

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and congrats again on the mag!

Ludmila {}

I adore these pictures, Anne! I so wish I'd spend all my weekends in a country nook, with my husband and a book, maybe! Aw, dreams dreams! have a lovely weekend! xoxo

sylvie of silver lining

i was savoring these very same images yesterday...they are dreamy and perfect and everything i'd wish for in a summer getwaway :)

i hope you and crystal and the rest of the rue ladies are having a stellar time in nyc!

sylvie of silver lining


Lovely images Anne. Can't wait to see the magazine!
Have a lovely weekend.


love this house!

Punctuation Mark

i love the wishbone too and have always dreamed of being able to buy one... have a great weekend!


I'd go there too! It seems like such a relaxing place to get away from the crazy of the city. The fireplace is drawing me in....


Beautiful summer inspiration!
Sounds like NY was great - I love that city but have never been in Summer. Can imagine it would have a fab energy & buzz.

Happy Independence Day to you and wishes of a festive day with friends and family.

x Charlotta


I enjoy the way you put the colors on this white pallete.



Great relaxed charming country interiors. The perfect escape from NYC.

Tracy F.

Congrats on the magazine. Love your blog, too!

robin pulsifer

perfect holiday/summer post! such a great feel to all of them. i too love the image with the repeating stripes. very cool, very summer. light and airy. enjoy your day!! it's beautiful weather in my part of the world, i'm in heaven :)

Honeymoon registry

Congratulations on the mag! Everybody is proud and happy for you.


I love all these summer posts - I love the picture of the flowers; if I had those on my table, it would brighten up my day for sure.

{this is glamorous}

so summer-perfect! and always adored the bathroom in the fourth

thanks so much for the weekend link-love, anne!


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i love the wishbone too and have always dreamed of being able to buy one... have a great weekend!

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Great shots! I love those white mantelpiece against the black furniture foreground!

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