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July 26, 2010


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paige anderson appel

yep, total kitchen lust.


Wow..serious kitchen eye candy! Thanks I shall head over for a design hit now! Great post..Sinead

Color Collective

ha, love this plan!! sound amazing!


this is hilarious! your writing always makes me smile :)

and in all seriousness, it's gorgeous! who doesn't want to just get away from it all? though, i recommend we find a 4th member, as i definitely can't contribute to that $80,000 :P


A glorious space! Sighhhhhh I wish that I could have such a kitchen to prepare yummy foods!

Ludmila {}

Nice plans, Anne! The kitchen are amazing, simple yet stunning!

erin, reading my tea leaves

i am SO your girl. minus the $80,000. drat. still, i'm your girl.

callie grayson

I am with Andrea, bring on a 4th member and we there! Watching smokin hot english lads sweat! I am there with my floral apron on!


I like your story, it's funny. Actually you're making me feel really homesick, those kitchens remind me so much of home!


Yeah! Come and play in the UK, it's fun over here!


LOVE these! Guess I'll start saving for my future 80,000 kitchen. at this rate, I will be around 100 to enjoy it!

destined to design

That top kitchen is beyond gorgeous.


I want to go hang out on those benches and hug the pillows while someone fabulous bakes cookies.


are those vintage french linens making up those pillows on the wall benches!



um, did i just die and go to kitchen heaven?


sign me up! i think i'd be willing to give up my apartment for any one of those kitchens!

The Design Dish

I have seen their ads before and loved the kitchens! I love the clean lines!
The Design Dish


thank you for making me lol (literally) while enjoying kitchen eye candy. while i don't have the $80k now i'll certaintly let you know as soon as i make it there:)


It's so hard to choose a favorite.

A Life More Fabulous

You were totally right - I did, in fact, need to brace myself for these...
Luckily I wasn't climbing a tree or up a ladder when I opened this stunning post!

I'd love to nominate myself for a position, what I lack in investment capital I can definitely make up in willow switching skills. Ask anyone.


Let me know if you need a scullery maid.


I volunteer to be your third member.

For aesthetic reasons: I have a large collection of floral tea dresses and am excellent with a pot of tea.

And for business reasons: to raise the required $80,000 we could rent out the kitchen (only occasionally) for a Sophie Dahl style cooking show. Money would be paid back to the bank within a year. xoxo

Miss B

Unbelievable find! I want a kitchen this beautiful some day!


I love Plain English design more than is decent. Hubby won't let me sell a kidney though, so I'm having to go with the painted look instead. But when I win the lottery - oh yes it will be mine!

Mary Herman

My folding bicycle is ready for those slow crawls along English Lanes in the Cotswolds, perhaps? Somerset is also a possibility.
Oh heck, I'll take my bike to anyplace in England because I'd get to come home to a wonderful kitchen with Chelsea and Anne!

Jenny S

I know!

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bespoke fitted kitchens

Wow those are some amazing kitchens, oh how I wish my kitchen looked half as good as these ones, that way I wouldn't mind cooking dinner every night. I've always wanted a big kitchen but it just doesn't fall into our budget. Until that day I'll keep my fingers crossed and daydream of kitchens like these.

modern kitchens

I do like the designs, but I have to say, German modern kitchens are my favourite. Traditional kitchens such as this are on the way out.

travaux maçonnerie

I bought a kitchen from Plain English in the last year and would not recommend them. Although their designs are extremely attractive, in my experience the company is less than professional with a lack of attention to detail. The process of designing my kitchen was punctuated with a string of miscommunications that took place mainly within Plain English. Elements of the design that had been requested from the start were wrongly omitted, and I had to make several corrections that should have been unnecessary. The final design unexpectedly resulted in one of the cupboard doors hitting the extractor hood and only opening two thirds. I was given no warning about this flaw before installation. In fact when it became apparent after installation I had to point it out. At which point their designer claimed that I myself was responsible for checking the design allowed for adequate door clearance! Despite this being her job! I had to insist that I be reimbursed (for a fairly slim amount they were not eager to give). My small kitchen cost about £20,000 (not including appliances) but in the end it wasn't perfect, and the process was far from hassle-free.

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bespoke kitchens

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