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June 23, 2010


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Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interior's

Anne, This is truly amazing. The best design work I have seen in many, many years. It truly,did don't my breathe away...I actually , thought it was Vogue Living Australia.
The way they mix simplicity of the modern clean lines.With romantic color walls, including hand painting borders. Well, you did it again...Applause, applause.
ox, maureen


Gorgeous pictures and I agree with you that all of this fab & modern in just the right amount. Cozy and dressed without being crowded. Vogue Living Australia is brilliant.

Happy end to the week.

x Charlotta


I live near this flat. It over looks Tamarama beach and it is in the most divine block of Spanish Mission flats. It is a lovely place to live and the flat is so inspirational. I hope my place will look just as good.


I've never considered putting a round mirror behind a soffa but boy does it work well!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Just gorgeous! Love the curved entryway with the columns.


Gorgeous!! The white just makes everything seem like you're at the beach - so relaxing looking. I wish my house looked like this!
I especially love the chairs.

The Lil Bee

Is that what it's called, a demijohn bottle? My mom has a blue one and I absolutely love it. I'm with you...this summer has been crazy for us, too. This weekend we have no plans, and I'm so excited to just relax. I think we might drive up to this cute country town an hour north and walk around with the babe and the dogs. Slow things down a bit:)


oh anne. could your blog be any more lovely? this post is so inspiring.




Agreed! Absolutely the craziest, busiest summer I can recall...thank you for sharing this lovely space to distract me from it all!


Stunning...and so serene. Agree with you entirely - this is the way I'd prefer to take my modern decor!

Mae Lu

Can someone please move me into that house, plllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssse?

Mae Lu,

Aron at Hither and Thither

I love those sea fans, but always feel a bit unsure if it's a sustainable practice. I saw something at store in NoLIta the other day which seemed to provide a bit of an alternative... preserved spider webs. Pretty amazing.

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Lucas Nevada

wow! that's awesome! and that frame w/ tree on it looks calming to look at.

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