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May 20, 2010


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Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Easy, breezy--just gorgeous!


Now I'm lost in daydream land...hard to get back to work! Your summer in Nice sounds like heaven -- how amazing it must have been to be 17 or 18 surrounded by so much loveliness, and the freedom to really enjoy it.


Your posts always take me away to dreamy, far away lands - THANK YOU! That last duo is my fave for sure. Great post!


this post is gorgeous! i want to escape to the beach immediately. lovely dresses too;)


Just found your blog not too long ago and it has quickly become one of my faves!! I look forward to each post.
Thanks for the inspiration,


Hahaha I am with you on the SPF500! Beautiful post...


i love when you do posts like this anne! you have such a great eye! i LOVE the striped one w/ the room that has lots of cubby holes to display your goods, i need my hubby to build me something like that! =P

Texture plus

excellent work! will be fallowing your works its gives me really good inspirations.. thank you!

The Beso Team

Thank you for the wonderful post. I will now be in dreamland, thinking about booking a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Thank you for the post as always.
Dana @ The Beso Team


mmm, makes me excited to go on vacation!

condo Philippines

I will go to the first photo. that was simply amazing!


real estate in the philippines

I enjoyed browsing through your entry. I could only agree with you.


Thomas Sabo

Let's look on the bright side.

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It looks healthier than it really is. There are some big branches hanging over the house that are dead now, and I had two different tree companies come out to give me an estimate on pruning them out. Both said they would do that if I wanted, but both also pointed out the same weak spots that led them to believe that even some of the healthy looking foliage was actually very weak. This tree wasn't going to make it more than a couple more years and even if they pruned it tadfhere was significant risk of it coming down entirely in a big storm.

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Seaside stripes get a girly tweak with a ruffled tank. Crisp white linens--whether in the form of a man's button down or freshly washed sheets--flutter in the breeze. I always wear sunglasses outdoors, but with the equinox drawing near, I sometimes take them off and revel in the squinty quality of the sun.


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Cabo Traveler

Thanks for the tips! Great outfit for my vacation to Cabo!

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Thanks for the tips! Great outfit for my vacation to Cabo!

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Ayala Land

Nice mix and match. Are these 60's inspired? or much earlier?


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