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May 07, 2010


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Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

I love the butterfly bouquet- so unique! I also like that pillow- very cute!

Happy weekend!

Color Collective

Love butterflies!! Have a great weekend!


these images are incredible! so much better than the 90's mariah carey butterflies!


beautiful bouquet! how unique.


we are more than curious as to what the special project is (we were the kid that opened/rewrapped Christmas presents)

What a fun and whimsical post. Perfect way to start the weekend.x

Ludmila {}

These pictures are so full of freedom! Butterflies are spring, I love spring! xo

hey, Lady Grey

what a gorgeous collection of beautiful images!


Fabulous butterfly inspiration. Love the pictures - so beautiful. And now you're killing all of us (said in the sweetest most joking way of course)...can't wait to see what it is - how fun and exciting for you! Happy weekend.


cristin @ simplified bee

love that little, colorful insect too.

can't wait to see what you have up your creative sleeve.



Nice pictures, love the pillows!

Shell Sherree

I adore these, Anne. And I'm so excited for you ~ looking forward to hearing all when you're permitted to spill the beans! Have a gorgeous weekend...

jules @ The Diversion Project

well now, this is exciting. can't wait to get all the juicy news!

that last collection - every single thing is a must have. gorgeous anne!



Gorgeous butterfly post! Ohmygoodness, what incredible photography by Sarah Maingot.

laura trevey

Butterflies are my thing!! I love this post!


I love the idea of a bouquet made of butterflies; so sweet!


Love butterflies! I have one on our dresser, we found him in a planter on our front porch several years ago in perfect condition (albeit dead), so we display him now and enjoy him all the time! *Amy


What an absolutely and uplifting post! Such a fab collection of images!


Beautiful, butterflies inspire me a lot. I'm writing about them in my thesis atm :)

callie grayson

My niece Lulu is so into butterflies at the moment. She won't wear anything unless it has butterflies on it..... well she is only 3 so I guess that is ok!

pretty post!

Melanie's Randomness

oh I love butterflies!! Nice pictures!! When I have kids one day, hopefully a girl I want to put 3-D ones on the wall, or maybe in my future office in my house. =)

Good luck with your project!!!

cheap jewelry

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