The City Sage: Outfit to Room: Anthropologie April 2010

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April 05, 2010


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Love the cross-over of fashion and interiors at Anthro... all inspiring eye candy!


sooooo beautiful. you do such a lovely job with these :)


I want one of those yellow maps. And the dress that goes with it, too. :)
Congrats on #14! Very well-deserved.


i hadnt even seen the new catalog yet..surprising since i visit their site about every other day!


Love everything, but that first skirt is YUCKY!


gorgeous darling!


congrats on being number #14, you totally deserve to be #1! i always love looking at your blog for the best design inspirations! and you outdid yourself again with this anthro to room collection!


Hi Anne,
Any idea what that yellow is called in the last image. I am trying to find something like that for our living room.
PS hope you are well.
Michelle x


lovely images! can't wait to check out the catalogue. congrats on top 100:) 14 is fabulous. xo


Love that yellow dress!!! Lovely photos:)

Great post! Love them all! Congrats on the top 100 you deserve it!

Melissa Allam

These are pretty beautiful and inspiring. I haven't seen the new catalog yet. I think it's time to check it out.


Oh Anne! What lovely pairings. All of those rooms are just chalk full of inspiration! xx


Congrats on your "P.S." news! Totally deserved!! (And totally lovin' these rooms. Wow)


girlie, i LOVE this post! fantastic. and congrats to you sweetness. you deserve the goodness!

simply grove

Great job pairing these!! Love it all!! xx


Wow, you've done this so well, love the first pairing! And congrats on the top 100!x


LOVE! you have an incredible sense of style...


I never even thought of comparing the catalog's half rooms and half outfits to each other. How clever! I was too caught up in the scenery behind the clothes--I'm pretty sure I recognize a lot of Brasil in there. And hello. Stumbled across your blog through google, and it's marvelous and pretty. :-)


You did it again...simply stunning match ups. Anthro is just so damn inspiring - loved where you took it.

Carla Martins

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good, Thank you for share! lovely images! I like it very much

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