The City Sage: Best Idea Ever: Super Neutrals!

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April 26, 2010


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Such lovely images, I'm so ready for spring. The flowers on the table are so nice.


Oh, to have that orange footstall in my home. LOVE IT!


such beautiful photos. lovely colors. hope you had a great weekend love. xo


O, super neutrals, I love it. Can we make this into a comic book and make Super neutrals a crime fighting team against bland colors and decorations?

The Design Notebook

Absolutely lovely colours and the pics are just amazing. Must love supernaturals!!!


Too funny, the magazine is glued to my hand, too. I think I've actually read the whole article word-by-word several times.
By the way, I'm glued to your blog as well; I've been subscribed for a couple of months or so and I LOVE it.

Connie at Sogni e Sorrisi

Beautiful! Love the third especially.


Neutrals are soo necessary in decorating... it's best to have neutrals and then spice up the room with pops of color (in my opinion) hehe!


Great information to share. As an artist, I think color makes or breaks a room. I am not a big fan of the really white and monochromatic rooms, but I think these "super-neutrals" have a lot of life.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

Anne, simply lovely! Especially, liked Hmmmmm. All of them. The key here is that
punch of color that appears to just 'be there.'
that is the secret if one is 'going neutral.' As always, bravo to you. -Maureen

Shell Sherree

They don't mind if I move into room number two, do they? I'll keep it very tidy, I promise.

Rowaida Flayhan

Always looking forward to reading your interesting and amazing post so informative!
Martha Stewart Living is a monthly must on my coffee table. Thanks for sharing!


I also loved this article! I am obsessed with super neutrals and am so happy to dub them as such. In fact, a couple of the colors in the article are colors we recently used in our new house. (Made me super excited that I picked those colors before Martha told me that weird?)

My recent super neutral obsession include Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170, Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563, and Behr Creamy Mushroom. (Appropriately named, it kind of looks like cream of mushroom soup. Only not lumpy and much prettier. ;-) )

{this is glamorous}

can not take my eyes off that third image -- gorgeous! especially the gold coffee table . . .


Kelly Oshiro

I want to live in that kitchen. Perfection!

Mona Thompson

Wonderful images and i agree with and enjoyed the theory as well. Glad I found your blog via House of Turquoise today. I'm a new blogger. You might want to check me out when you have a minute. I think you would like some of the things I have posted.


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