The City Sage: Outfit to Room: Spring 2010 Trends

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March 19, 2010


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This is a lovely post! I love the relationship between fashion and interiors and you have captured it so well.

Jane Flanagan

Oh my, the first image is all things nice! Love it. And her!

Rachel (heart of light)

Such lovely eye candy! I'm really falling for florals this season, even though I've never been a fan before.

Style Revolution

What a brilliant post. I love it!


I love reading about trends and design predictions!
I am lovin' all of the cotton candy colors and also like the global look.
Thanks for a fun post!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

#2 and #3 are my faves... I love the wall paper in #2. Have a good weekend!


i love love love the florals this spring!


oh, i love the second room! All those patterns through the doors!

richy mc cusker

outfits to rooms...what a clever post

laura trevey

These are so fun... great inspiration!!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Those are fabulous fashion favs!


Oh Anne what a gorgeous collection. I'm so nuts about all the florals lately but a yard of burlap also makes me very happy!


beautiful pics!
bonne weekend,

I agree with ikat still going strong. I just used in in my office and love it!


You do such an amazing job pairing your photographs. What a good eye you have! Eye Candy!!


Your blog is so delicately beautiful, and your diptychs are amazing...pure genius!!


Yay for spring fashion! I'm loving the Femme Militaire, thanks for posting!

Shell Sherree

I know I'm a broken record whenever you do these Outfit to Rooms, Anne, but yowsa, you are SO talented at putting these together! Have a grand weekend with the huz and kitties.


I look terrible in blush but I love it so much. Everything you put together looks so pretty and fresh.


Oh wow, SUCH a beautiful idea. So talented!

Space by Eliana Tomas

you do the best posts on interiors vs fashion. love them all.

the "global layers" are my right-now mood, both in interiors and fashion, as well as blue. i love when i'm in blue. makes me happy and extremely creative.


gorgeous trench!!


So pretty. And well matched. You always do a lovely job.


I am lovin' all of the cotton candy colors and also like the global look.
Thanks for a fun post.


What a brilliant post. I love it!Your blog is so delicately beautiful, and your diptychs are amazing,pure genius!!thanx.


Great, but I just used in in my office and love it, thanx for the share.


Anna, that is fabulous collection. Thanks for the share!

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Allison Clark

Aww, you post such trendy clothes that perfectly for the spring time. I wanna get myself a clothes like that. Yay! Trendy! And hip!

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I definitely want to visit India. I write a little wanderlust travel blog and have posted about it a couple times.


Regemcy meets goddess, indeed! I love all that buttery yellow - I'd love to have that dress and that room! Oy. ...and there is an Anthropologie very, very close by... oh lordy. My credit card just whimpered.

MBT Panda

good, Thank you for share!I love design predictions!

Supra Footwear

I just got off the phone for something unrelated and we were talking about the self-service revolution in the workplace, How can a customer care rep comments on a restructure or capital raising?
The falafel, the hummus, the whole weird wonderful waffleizer idea. Love this, yes I do.

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