The City Sage: Outfit to Room: Kids Edition Featuring CrewCuts!

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March 11, 2010


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This post has officially crossed the line from, "Oh how cute! Modern kids' room decor!" to "Holy crap I must now have a child as soon as humanely possible." UNFAIR!

rikshaw design

insanely cute!!!!


I love your Outfit to Room posts. And this one is making my ovaries hurt.


These kids are seriously way too cute. Why do I not have ridiculously adorable children?!?


My 6-yr-old is totally that first girl (as cute too, ha!). She wears a hodge podge of clothing 75% of the time. I wish we can afford JCrew for our growing children but right now JCrew's just for mommy and daddy :) We do though go to consignment stores and I LOVE watching her pick her pieces. I need to take photos of her more often when she's in her fashion mode!!

cristin @ simplified bee

This is the cutest post ever! I love Crewcuts, but think it is a bit pricey for growing kids. I will only buy it when on sale.



I have now been out-styled by a six year old! I better go do some primping.
Great post.
xo Isa

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

This is adorable! 2nd and 3rd are my fave... Crew Cuts catalog is so cute!


LOVE this! Love that black & yellow chandelier. Hey Anne, can you come over to our house and play? lol. My kid would *love love* you! Dress up? Dress up is my kid's first and last name!

Super cute! I am not ashamed to say I've wanted to purchase a few items from Crew Cuts for myself...

Kim @ Inspired Goodness

We just got the crewcuts catalog and i'm insanely jealous of all the clothes.

not to mention the styling - it's amazing stuff!


The kids are adorable, such fashionable nonchalance! Also, that parachute light fixture in the last image is hilarious, what a different take from the traditional mobiles:)


this is awesome. you are brilliant.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

Anne, this post is such a delight to read and view. You have amazing taste and style.
This article put a big smile on my face!! `m.

Kristin @ Contented Me

Ooh...Outfit to Room is my favorite! Is it bad that I'm jealous of the second little girlie's outfit? That's definitely my favorite one.


awww, this is too cute :)))

walrus studio

The black bedroom is fantastic!!


what a great idea! i bet that took a long time...!

i really like the title/image thingy on your blog. it's lovely and cute.

tada! shop

this is so creative! reminds me of my favorite domino magazine! thanks for sharing!

Anderson's Loft Bed Plans

This single entry just made me realize how there isn't one creative bone in my body. Excellent, beautiful, and creative!

Who does your photographs? I may need to hire you to take pictures of my woodworking projects to display on my blog =0

Anne@ girls jewelry boxes

The kids' outfit and the rooms matched perfectly :) The girls' rooms are my fave, and I'd love my daughter to have one of those, especially the one at the top, I love everything.


We just got the crewcuts catalog and i'm insanely jealous of all the clothes.
not to mention the styling - it's amazing stuff!



Herve Leger

I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!

Puma Outlet

I did have fun, and I worked on it a little more one week night.
I'll tell ya if you ever have a baby, get a walker, Sadie has one and that's what allowed me to do some work, she zipped back and forth around my feet while I painted!!!

microfiber sheets

I love the boys' rooms :)

Bedroom Chandeliers

love the second one. What a cute black chandelier


This is really fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger.
Certainly, what a brilliant website and lighting up articles


i really like the post and i want to share it with my friends.


Oh my goodness this is so stinkin cute!!


jordan heels

I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks - you cleared up some things for me!

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