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March 05, 2010


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Honestly, I could feel my stress level dropping while looking at these photos. Classic b&w baths are and will always be my favorite. My tip to Jen is to be sure to use a somewhat dark grout on the hex tiles. White loses the pretty pattern and is HORRIBLE to keep clean.

I love all these bathroom ideas! I really need to upgrade our bath area and these just really make me want to start saving up for it! Have a good weekend!

michelle @ blissful musings

I could happily relax in any of these bathrooms. I would LOVE to have a clawfoot tub one day. Nothing is better than a bubble bath, sweet smelling candles and good book.


LOVE the last two pics! My mouth is watering. I want to go tackle my bathroom.

Style Revolution

I love bathrooms and these amazing ones are making me drool!!!


Did you see this in the NYT a while back? That mega sink fills me with joy.


My link didn't work. Here:


Love the tub! and also the black and white floor tiles.

Amanda {Mocking Bird}

Oh these are glorious.
I need an old bathroom so I can redecorate it hehe


These are gorgeous!

And I'm with you - the black tub is incredible :)

Kate Coveny Hood

I love classic bathrooms. Not that I don't enjoy showering in a super modern slate and granite job - but there is something about the images above that really speak to me. And I especially love that chandelier in #3.

jen ramos

Clawfoot tubs seem to be more popular out on the westcoast I rarely see them...BUT i so wish i had one!

Jen Ramos


i've been thinking about painting the beadboard wainscot in my sunroom a light gray color. That first picture inspires me to bite the bullet and do it!


Oh my gosh absolutely beautiful!

Jane Flanagan

I'm crazy for the first bathroom!


I kept looking at the photo with the double sinks...I love that bathroom! And, the bath with the barcart...clever idea!


WOW...what a gorgeous round-up of bathrooms! i love the black tub! on my wish list :)

Jill Seidner | Interior Design

I love these bathrooms! Love the look of a clean, classic bathroom. Forever timeless...


Oh these baths are absolutely gorgeous - claw-footed baths are my favourite!

Umm, I have a silly question, but I was reading the comments on Blah, Blah, Blahg and you mentioned your "Tasmanian father-in-law" ... is your father-in-law from Tassie, Australia? That's where I'm from! Hehe I'm so daggy about the way I get excited whenever I see "tasmania' mentioned in blogs!

cassandra @ coco+kelley

this might be the most insanely drool-worthy list of bathrooms EVER. i would like #6, please :)

Shell Sherree

I love your thoughts on this, Anne! And I feel I must put a chandelier on the list when it's time to reno the bathroom.

Space by Eliana Tomas

so many good tips in here. all the images are simply great to illustrate your arguments.
my fav bathroom will have a bath tub like the last photograph, but maybe in baby blue, to add details in gold and silver.


dude, you rocked it, the deco mirror, the wooden toilet seat, the hex floors, you covered all the fabulousness in one post! WEEEEEEEEEE

caroline = patagonia gifts

amazing tips, Anne! these bathrooms are so gorgeous! my favorite thing? that chandelier with light blue details! xo


A nice bathroom is so important to me and that will be one of the first things I focus my design eye on if I ever have my own house! Thanks for the inspiration!

{this is glamorous}

a wonderful collection! particularly the third -- beautiful mirrors, a lovely chandelier and perfect storage -- just lovely.


jessica e.

These bathroom setups are amazing! They're definitely giving me more ideas for a renovation! If anyone is interested, I saw some of these pieces, especially the clawfoot tub, over at They also have a huge selection on bathroom vanities, which is good if you need a center place to start!

Here's the link! (


These rooms can be an amazing part of our houses too. They are not only a place where we spend just 5 minutes of our life, they can be a place for relax so, if we want to feel comfortable there, we have to create interiors with a gorgeous vibe like on your inspiring pictures. The combination of black and white looks always chic and elegant. Every room looks so calm, clean and bright. For those who like more colours, you can put there some accessories just to get more life in these interiors.

Best regards,

clawfoot tubs

Loved the photos. Very nice clawfoot tub photos the best. I am amazed at just how nice these bathrooms can look! Very nice work and designs!


I have been thinking of remodeling my house bathrooms, I had some slight ideas but now I have a pretty good idea of what I exactly want thanks to your blog!


Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and informative article. It has given me a lot of inspiration and I look forward to more like this in the future.

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It looks very neat. I have always loved white painted bathroom walls and ceiling because it helps me to feel freshened up every time I enter the bathroom.


Hi - I love these pictures, they're beautiful. The second one down is (I think) one of ours, or at least the feet are, and it looks just great! Dani

Herve Leger

I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!

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Aside from the fact that It was very clean and refreshing, the ambiance was really a good one. I love this one.

bathroom vanities

What started as an ailing 1963-vintage bathroom on Monday was gutted, re-plumbed, re-floored and with a new tub by lunchtime yesterday with all sorts of supply runs in-between.

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