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March 10, 2010


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Wow, such a pretty party! I think including Aisha's daughter in the bottom pic a great marketing strategy. Who could resist when she's so cute?! Good luck to whoever wins.. looks like they will have a gorgeous party!


this is gorgeous - i would LOVE to win!


I'm not planning anything in the near future as far as parties, BUT i could use her expertise in picking out a color palette for my blog for a new layout. Not sure if she would do this, but worth a try I guess!

Gorgeous pictures, btw!

Style Revolution

I agree beautiful pics. Amazing party to the winner :)


I'm hosting an Easter gathering for family. I'd love help with it. Thanks for the chance!


That party is so amazing! The party I'd love her help with is our family's annual Pink Party. We have it in June, the night before the Race for the Cure. It is full of a lot of the above - pink lemonade, pink treats, pink decorations. And celebrating a year of our survivors being cancer-free.


What a great giveaway!!! I'm in desperate need of help to plan the rehearsal dinner for my upcoming wedding. I'm getting married in August in the SF Bay Area and I want something casual, playful, and budget friendly. Fingers crossed!!

michelle @ blissful musings

Wow, she is so talented! I want to plan a birthday party for my husband this year and would love all sorts of fun details to include.


If I won this, I would ask for assistance planning a surprise birthday party for my mom's 50th birthday. She has always taken such good care of me and my sisters, that we want to make her 50th birthday as special as possible.

Caroline C

what a fabulous giveaway! If I were to win, I'd love help planning my younger sister's surprise 18th birthday party! She's always gone above and beyond for me and I'd love to give her a great party with friends and family. My problem, however, has always been picking a theme and narrowing down what to have! I see so many wonderful and inspirational ideas while looking through blogs and websites and I fall in love with everything!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

Well if I won this I'd ask for help for my mom's 50th surprise birthday party. I call her my mom, but she's actually my stepmom who married my dad when I was five. She raised my like a daughter, and I love her like my true mom (yes, we're a real life Brady bunch)!

She's a minister and is constantly giving herself to others, so I'd love to give this to her and make her feel really special on her special day (growing up, whenever my brother or I had a birthday she always made a big deal about it, calling it our special day!)


Oh man, this would be great! I am planning a really big, emotional party for me and my husband. After 6 years of living in and loving New York City we are packing up to move to Chicago. We've always had big, fun parties in our little apartment (like our RockBand Halloween engagement costume party!) and love a good theme. But this one is stumping us. Our furniture will be limited and there will surely be boxes everywhere. But we still want to make sure we say goodbye in style. Please help!


im organizing a baby shower for a friend. help!


Ooh, what a great giveaway! I have a doozy of a party to plan. My daughter and I share a birthday and so I need to plan a 1st birthday party that can work as a 33rd birthday party (though I'm really happy to let all the focus be on her, to be truthful). I'd like it to be suitably girly but with an adult edge, which seems to be your style!


How fun! I'd love some help in planning a party for my husband's graduation from law school this spring. It's been three long years, and we both deserve a fun, classy event to recognize a job well done!


How fun! LOVE the ideas. I would love to win some help for my event on April 10th. I'm frankly stumped and possibly over thinking it. My dear friend is pregnant with her first after 4 years of battling infertility. I'm throwing a classy but whimsical baby/mama shower. After hours of brainstorming and jotting down ideas the only thing decided on is the signature cocktail. Help!! Best of luck to all the entrants.


Oh my gosh, I would die for this. I'm planning my daughter's second birthday. We completely failed at her first birthday due to many family dramas at the time. I'm looking to make up for it this year - big time. She looks like quite an inspiration.


What I would give to win this event planning prize!!! I'm planning my twin boys 1st birthday party which I'm planning to have it in Hawaii at the grounds of the Waikiki Aquarium in December 2010. My twin boys are almost 4 months old right now and are my special gifts that have come into our lives. I absolutely love the vision Aisha had with her daughter's birthday party and would just die to have per plan my twin boys "Ocean/Fish" themed 1st birthday party.


An amazing friend helped throw me the most amazing bachelorette party ever. From selecting a theme to planning the events of the night, to hand-making decorations for me to wear (think pink sash and retro feathered headpiece to get me dolled up for a burlesque show), she put so much love into my party. Now she's getting married and I want to return the favor! Her shower / bachelorette party are over labor day weekend. I can't figure out how to incorporate her wedding colors and still keep it chic and unique. Would love some expertise!


Love the party! I need help with my kids' birthday party. I would love to have the help!


My neighbor's daughters 3rd birthday party!

lauren (pen.ny)

ajskdfjasuaewnnkciou. That little girl is so freaking precious it hurts! Her party looks like a dream event. Whoever win's this is some serious kind of LUCKY.


I am planning a vintage inspired Black & White Wedding, and I could sure use some help with my ceremony or cocktail hour!

holly d.

so helpful! i am the MOH for my best friends wedding and i need to plan her shower in the coming months, this would be so helpful!!


I am going to be marrying the love of my life at my familys fishing resort where we met and we want to keep it pretty down to earth like mason jars for glasses and so on but we still want to be a little cheeky. I'm Canadian and he's American so I wanted to do little flags for each guest for the ceremony so we can get pics of team Canada vs team America. So we are kind of thinking a red/light blueish and white colour palette!! I would love to see your help in bringing everything together!!!


Not sure if this contest is closed or not, but definitely sign me up. Pretty please!


I've arrived at your blog through "green wedding shoes" blog and I'm so glad I found you. My daughter flew back to L.A. today to return for the last few weeks of a college internship and will be graduating in May. Can you help me plan a wonderful graduation party for her? She is an amazing person and I would really like to do something extraordinary. Hope you will help...Thank you so much. I am adding your blog to my favorites list and will be linking it to my blog. Really have enjoyed the wonderful ideas and pictures.


Hi Anne, thank you so much for contacting me to let me know that I won the event planning consultation with Aisha! Aisha contacted me as well. I'm so excited and grateful for this! I'll be sure to post all the planning pictures and the end results on my blog. Again, thank you so much!

Puma Drift Cat

I really wish I would of thought of that! I Wow- I absolutely love what you did with this

tart. I bet it was heaven! It is gorgeous and I can only imagine how delicious it was!

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