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February 24, 2010


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AGAIN! You've posted something I totally am in love with. I love H@H too. There's never a bad issue. I especially love their endpages. I always start there! Homesick eh? Well, maybe I should send you some maple something-yummy from Québec! ;P


it's a great site! i look at it often. i love the Kathryn Ireland bed above - her entire CA home is beyond!


That magazine is a little more expensive to get in the states, but it's so worth it. It's filled the void Domino and Cottage Living left behind for me - LOVE IT!

A Life More Fabulous

Of course Canadians rock the party, I could have told you that ages ago ;)

Love H + H, always leave with fresh inspiration.

Beautiful selection Anne!

Michelle Salz-Smith

It hurts it's so pretty.

Thanks for sharing!


i totally have olympic fever - but, living in vancouver makes it hard not to!

and i love h&h! i read a back issue the other that i simply cannot get out of my mind... the perfect montreal apartment renovation.


Have you seen the how-to video from Design*Sponge for the suzani upholstered headboard? It reminds me of a few of these pieces combined together :)

April Overall

Oooo I love this post! Go Canada! And go House and Home!!!


Wow, love the green headboard!
I'm so jealous, I want to be Canadian too.


Amazing rooms! The bedrooms and the living room with the giant beach photograph are my faves :)


im all about the blue furniture right now!


first, I am totally in love with the Olympics this year! I have been rooting for USA, of course, but I have also been rooting for Canada! Canada does rock the party! :)

second, I am seriously head-over-heels for that living room in the third photo! those blue chairs! that yellow wallpaper! ahh! I just posted about my love for brights in design and wish I had included this image!

third, I love how Canadians say "eh." truth be told, it reminds me of a weeklong fling I had with a Canadian boy in college-- every time he said "eh" I just giggled uncontrollably. it's too funny! :)

caroline - patagonia gifts

loving that last picture of a gorgeous dining room!

I agree, this magazine is awesome. I always go to Barnes & Noble and look through it for free :)


That 3rd image with the yellow wallpaper/curtains and turquoise chairs is FABULOUS. Love that giant beach photo. What a great room!


Two days in a row. How do you do it, Anne? I like that mirror with the wood trim...and the chairs at the dining table. I really love that "found"/vintage look these rooms contain little elements of.


I absolutely LOVE the bugs above the bathtub. Anyone know where I could find something similar?


i love, love, love the first image. that mirror is amazing!


Hooray For Canada!

the sassy kathy

i love that giant piece of beachy artwork against the bright yellow patterned wallpaper in the 3rd photo!

cristin @ simplified bee

Yeah for Canada!!! Love this mag too.


the domestic fringe

Beautiful rooms. I love them all, but I think the bathroom stole my heart. ;-)



Im in love with that large beach framed art in the third image, stunning! great post!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

Anne, I am soooooo impressed by the great designer's in Canada. I am so happy that they are getting what they justly deserve...Applause, applause!! Great post, love all the photo's. One of my personal fav designer from Canada, is Patricia Grey.

Kristin @ Contented Me

love love love this post. i constantly zip over to CH&H for design inspiration. All of the rooms are so gorgeous! I might have to get a subscription. Hmm... i can get one in the US, right?


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That gorgeous red stair runner - so perfect and then the addition of the band along the baseboard to take it to another level! Maybe I'm just obsessed with ski slopes these days. Whatever the case, I love it! CH&H is a constant source of inspiration. Great images! Marija


speaking as a canadian living in vancity whilst olympic madness is on - we totally rock the house!
Found your blog through blogitforward - thought I'd say hi!


gorgeous! love the pink wall with the mirror :)

Carol Ann

Here's your next post...I would post it but I do not have anyone looking at my blog, hehehe
Canadians pay 5.95 CDN for each issue of House and Home, a US home subscription would be 24.95 + 30.00 = 54.95 Cdn which = 4.58 an issue...
To me that's not to much to pay for a wonderful, amazing, fab, super great magazine like Cdn House & Home each month...
My comment on this post, I grabbed my copy of Feb 2010 issue on the way out of the house yesterday, great issue, loved the staircases...I must say it never disappoints...
Regards from Calgary,AB
Love you blog, Carol Ann x

The Design Notebook

Such pretty pictures!!

Miss B

Oh yes, I like that tub and bug poster. Love your description on that, you never fail to make me crack a smile.


All of those rooms are amazing! I am a huge fan of CH&H!!

amanda Andary

I absolutely LOVE the turquoise, yellow, and gray room ( 3rd down from the top). The combination is wonderful! Does anyone know where I might be able to find that large beach picture?


I love how Canadians say "eh." truth be told, it reminds me of a weeklong fling I had with a Canadian boy in college-- every time he said "eh" I just giggled uncontrollably. it's too funny!


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We firmly believe that the Olympic spirit is the essence of human civilization and the Olympic flame is the symbol of peace and friendship

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Stunning rooms/images. I'm particularly fond of the photograph in the third picture. I think it's stunning.

Nike Shox

This website is AMAZING. How do you make it look this good! GLAD TO KONW THE KINDLY FRIEND LIKE YOU.

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