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January 26, 2010


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I lurrve the grey knotted comforter! I also love the teepee tent beds. My kid would go nuts for it!


Oh.Holy.Gawd. I'm again struck down by your brilliance.

I think when my fellah goes to his basketball festival this year I will schedule a sleepover. I've been craving girl time since college!


I call a teepee! And that Sprinkles Cupcake mix reminds me that I have the red velvet mix just begging to be made.


I will bring some delicious desserts that we can eat straight without separating onto individual plates. I'm not sure why sleepovers stop when you get a bit older. I could so go for some good old-fashioned fun like this.

Coquette & Dove

Awesome post! I'm 31 and I've never stopped having sleepovers, my last one was Friday last week, we stayed up late, gossiping in our PJ's, eating cake, drinking pots of tea and watching Bring it On.

As for P&P, that's reserved for long Sunday sessions with endless afternoon tea and cake...


oh how i love sleepovers....
nothing better than kicking it with the ladies...


Hannah B.

Don't you just love*love*love those Sprinkles cupcake containers??? I fell in love with those in design school :)


Oh .... this makes me want to have a sleepover right now!

I am so bummed I missed that summit!


too funny. my friends and i still have sleepovers all the time. even though we all live in the same city and can easily go home, sometimes it's just more fun!


It was SO fun!!! Thanks for being an awesome roommate. I think we should have been roommates in college too!:) What a delightful set of images.


SUCH a good idea! Here's to bringing back sleepovers! And I ADORE those chic pajamas!

virginia @ where you hang your hat

You're going to have to share Mr. Darcy!

callie grayson

I so want that teepee!! and I will need to make myself that pink crochet cape!!!!!
Sleep overs rock!


my favorite and my best

at my first sleepover the girls tortured me. i do NOT have fond memories.

Kristin @ Contented Me

My friends and I still get together for a yearly slumber party. And we're in our 30's! Such fun. (and without the freezing of the bras.)


Tents! Tents!..I love tents!

jen jafarzadeh

love this post! sleepovers are the best. I'm lucky in that one of my best friends lives in CT (and I'm in NY), so when we visit, it's always a sleepover. last time that I stayed at her place she pulled out her scrapbook of our Europe trip (post-college backpacking adventure) — that turned into one late night trip down memory lane. so fun!

cassandra @ coco+kelley

I'm IN! so jealous of your alt summit time. i'm seeing your roomie on thursday!!


Now that's a sleepover! It's so hard to find a person who enjoys that super long (and BEST) version of Pride and Prejudice as I do. :(

jules @ The Diversion Project

I have a lot of friends that live in the country, so my place is the destination spot when they have to head to the city, so i still have heaps of sleep overs, and i LOVE it.

i don't recover from them quite as quickly as i did when i was 12, but at least now we can head out for brunch and bloody mary's - so that's a bonus :)

those pj's are hot!


Ahhh, I love everything, those stripped sheets, the pjs...the duvet and pillows, your style is so perfect. Do I sound like a gushing teenager, cuz I feel like one, love LOVE this post, as usual.


Glad you had so much fun at AltSummit- I discovered it too late but can't wait to go next year!! Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia's last blog:


It's so funny that you posted this today, because I've decided to host an all-girls movie night for my birthday (sleeping over optional), and the response I've gotten from friends has been outstanding! I think all girls have a little slumber party still in them, waiting to come out, and your photos have provided just the inspiration I need to host the perfect grown-up sleepover!

In Detail Designs

There was nothing better than staying up all night watching movies and gossiping with some of your closest friends!

PS- I love the Birger Mikkelsen bag


Love the tented room.. perfect for the grandboys!


Ahhh! I adore this post. Seriously, who stopped the sleepovers?! Silly boys getting the way. Sad face.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

Loving those striped sheets! So comfy looking!


I love this post! Sleepovers were and really...still are my fave! My closest girlfriends and I try and do girls getaways as often as possible, although we need to bring back the Ouija board and Dream Phone for old times sake!

lauren (pen.ny)

Sleepovers! If popcorn is involved I'm so there. I want those pj's but only if I can wear the slippers with them. So adorable. (If only I could pull those pj's off...sigh...)


I wish I wouldn't have to get out of bed! I am so tired of winter already...
love these beds & stuff :)

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Hi Guy's,
my friends and i still have sleepovers all the time. even though we all live in the same city and can easily go home, sometimes it's just more fun!


Love the top 2 photos especially! BBC P&P IS the ultimate movie, not just the best version of that book! I totally love sleepovers - like visiting my bud when she was in grad school and sleeping on her tiny dorm room floor, eating bite size brownies from Whole Foods. Though I always associate P&P with homemade carmel corn since mom sent me a batch along with the book on the making of that movie in the best birthday care package EVER! Thanks for the flashbacks. =)


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aiza@ cakes online

I agree with you InDetail Designs. I love sleepovers. Its a great time to bond with your friends.cakes on line

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I think when my fellah goes to his basketball festival this year I will schedule a sleepover. I've been craving girl time since college!

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