The City Sage: Book Review: Decorating with China and Glass by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

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January 11, 2010


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Oooo what a find! I am going to have to go looking for a copy! That muted green table made my heart stop and the china over the sink is fantastic -- too bad I have a window there :(
xo Isa


wow, what a great find! I love these.
have a lovely week, xoxo

I love bargain bin finds, especially when they offer so much creativity beyond the book.

When I was working at Martha, I became acquainted with shelf risers. They are the most perfect thing for displaying the one-of-a-kind while also offering maximum storage space.

I have varying heights in my home cupboard. Do you use them?

lauren (pen.ny)

That deep farmhouse sink. Love. I could totally do my dishes in something that large any day.

pretty far west

Yes, I'm so in favour of using and displaying rather than dust-gathering, and C C-M writes good books - her 'French Country Home' is one of my staples for inspiration. A line of charger plates on a wall makes a good show and I do like the recent trend to have holes drilled in plates to make your own cake-stands.


I believe that style of table is a refectory table.


I love how clean this all looks. It make me feel oh-so-refined to live in any of these images... :)


I'm laughing because when I search through the bargain bins I usually come up with things like, "Yoga for Dogs" or "Accounting for Dummies," nothing good! Lucky find!

I'll have to search out a copy though- I recently inherited my Great Grandmother's china. I've got plates and teacups galore, and I need a creative way to display at least a few of them (safely out of the reach of cat and boyfriend).


Love those decorative items on wall! One of my resolutions is to buy more pottery on etsy this year--glad you're getting into all the art here! Thanks a lot.

Shell Sherree

Oh dear, I do need to upgrade my dishwashing liquid bottle. Lovely pics, Anne!


This is sooo pretty, and budget friendly also. A girl can snazz up her NYC apt. easy with a sophisticated look like this, I wonder where I could do this at my house???

ugg knightsbridge

You have a good understanding of China! Deeply the Chinese people I admire you! Thank you for your love! We will be better in China

Suzanne Turner

Love these!! Fabulous vintage pieces.

supra vaider shoes

Very, very nicely done!

Hermes Wholesale Handbags

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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