The City Sage: Outfit to Room: Holiday Party Dresses from Shopbop

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November 20, 2009


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Oh, tho I can't picture myself in it, I'm loving that graffiti dress.


Fabulous!! I can't decide on a fave..great job :)


My favorites are the first and last dresses! Soft, pretty things that are just perfect for the holidays! Love your narrative for this piece!


Oh, wow! What a great post! I love the first dress! Cool blog!

loving the purple!
great blog, hope to comment more.


Perfect matches!


That last one is perfection!!


what a fantastic piece, really...each of your picks is perfect, and you put them together so beautifully! love!


I love the strapless number!

velvet and linen

I think purple is my new favorite color. At least the way you use it!
Happy weekend Anne.


cristin @ simplified bee

great combos!



Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear about your skirt malfunction! It's totally the fault of poor, cheap fabric. Never the fault of Arby's.



I love the draped purple...whoa.

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Love the last room which in this photograph looks simply stunning!

Claire Marie

Very cute dresses and what great inspiration for the pairings! If you don't mind, could you point me in the direction on for the blue velvet couch room setup? I've tried searching the site itself to no avail. thank you :)


gray & champagne- perfect! :))
have a lovely day, xoxo

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I love that graffiti dress so much I may take a can of spray paint to one of my old frocks right now!

Eliana Tomás

i love this post.
for me, to style a house or a wardrobe is exactly the same. it's just a matter of scale.

Spry On The Wall

Love the blue and the purple!!!

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i love this post.
for me, to style a house or a wardrobe is exactly the same. it's just a matter of scale.

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Maybe it’s the leftover ’80’s in me, but I’m digging this look for parties. Throw on some black opaque tights, black booties, a short leather jacket and I’m in. And be sure the accessories are chic so you don’t look like you’re four. I’m just sayin’.



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Hi Guy's,
a great post! I love the first dress! Cool blog!

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i love the classiness of the 3rd photo. but purple really pops out and it really looks great! i love it!

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Wow.I love it very much.

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The last one looks like maid :(

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Why didn't they show one set in jeans? It could be interesting.

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I am looking to create a world wide hair stylist guide to post as a permanent fixture on my blog.

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HI, That s such a cool idea with a look for each room! Wow I wish I had thought of that.

The bandeau cocktail dress No1 looks fabulous and probably the pick of the bunch, no doubt as we're getting perilously close to 2010 Christmas the post becomes just as relevant as it did last year!

such a great site too!

Merry Christmas yet again!

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Such a fun idea.*

Account Deleted

fabulous! my favorite colors are the first and last. these are as beautiful as collection collection.

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Perfect outfit for parties, I'm in love with the first one. soo cute..

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