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November 24, 2009


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I love the way the art pieces are arranged in photo #1 - It's so clean and simple but I imagine it took a lot of thought to arrange them that way. The turtle shell wall hanging is amazing as well.



Love that corner fireplace- so cool!


pretty. love that fireplace!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

That last image that is COMPLETELY all white? So cool!


obsessed with that all white bedroom. Thanks for sharing!



Love that white bedroom. My godmother is obsessed with Elle Deco, just renewed her subscription and seeing those so pleased I have x


They're all shockingly sparse! Pretty, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in them. I'm too tempted to muck it up with a collection or a bright paint color!

{this is glamorous}

definitely one of my very favourite magazines -- when first flipped through this issue awhile ago, remember completely falling for the amazing wood kitchen, and of course, the fireplaces -- really have a thing for fireplaces . . .

hope you're having a great week!


the last one is my favorite- and that fireplace: it's amazing!
have a lovely day, xoxo


that knotty wood paneled kitchen is like nothing I've ever seen! I didn't even recognize it as a kitchen at first!

I adore the herringbone floors. I just love the interesting angles, the zig and zag...

and I would ever so gladly submit to that "hunky ski instructor" space (and the fantasy). that rug and that fireplace look like they were designed specifically to "entertain" during a raging snowstorm! :)

Shell Sherree

It's funny, Anne, though I was appreciating the creative and artistic elements of the other rooms, as soon as I reached your all-white pic, I made a "Aah," noise!


Hi Anne,

I live in London and would be happy to send you one when it next comes out. I always buy two..............

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wow, Amazing house decoration, you guys are doing well work for it and I have a very good farm house at my village and i must need to decorate it this Christmas... Thanks.


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Hi Guy's,
I was appreciating the creative and artistic elements of the other rooms.


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The pictures in the post really attract me much. They bring me new ideas about house decoration.

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I can not image how my house will look like if i will apply the pictures in my house.

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I really appreciate that these soaring ceilings aren't overpowered by the furnishings.

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wow, I just love your bedroom, very peace and comfortable

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