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November 09, 2009


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Love the lavender palette one and the row of pillar candles- so classic! Really a great idea for any dining decor :0


These are all so lovely, though I think the setting from Real Simple is my favorite. I really like homey, simple setting where the focus is more on the food and laughter than anything else.

robin pulsifer

ooh, i'm loving that grey and lavender table set up. so inviting! looking forward to pies and squashes and (fake) turkey (vegetarian) but looking forward all the same! great round-up of table-scapes :)

Kristin @ Contented Me

Ooh, I am digging that monochromatic palette with the row of pillar candles. So so pretty and simple. I wonder what that wall color is?? I really love that -- and the wreath!

my favorite and my best

hard to choose a fave, that black and silver still life look is gorgeous, allbeit a bit ridick in my house. i am going to go with the first one. the gold turkeys are kick ass.


Ooooh anne the last is my favorite, I may need to do that, great ideas!


What a beautiful post! I love all the silver, in fact, a post you made a kajillion years ago had a silver candelabra in it, and I went on an ebay search for one like it, I still am on an ebay search for one! Plus, I am gonna buy all those candles!


the fourth one is my fav :))
have a lovely week, darling!


Loving the shades of purple and the long row of pillar candles - both are so pretty and chic and very festive without being pilgrims and Indians.

{this is glamorous}

such wonderful table-top inspiration! especially the second, third, and of course, fourth, which i completely adore and used as well in a recent autumn post:

hope you had a lovely weekend + happy, happy monday!

ashley maureen

aren't these wonderful. i tend to love every one. whether they are warm and bountiful, or inviting but simplistic, they all celebrate the season.


love the simple one with the candles. so pretty!!


The last one is my favorite too. I love Thanksgiving. A big meal, friends & family, and no pressure to buy gifts!

Rachel (heart of light)

Ooohhh! I love that long line of thick candles. So simple and lovely (but potentially a fire hazard when trying to pass the mashed potatoes?). Setting the Thanksgiving table is one of my favorite things to do.

suann / simplesong

great tablescapes! love all the candles lined simple but makes such a statement. can't believe thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Down and Out Chic

that purple table is definitely my favorite, so pretty! i'd love to chow down in any of these spaces.

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Kellie @ Hand in Hand Bridal

Love the silver! Gorgeous and reproducible

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