The City Sage: Seduced by Halloween!

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October 30, 2009


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Best. Costume. Ever.


ha! awesome costume!!! happy halloween!!

joanna goddard

oh my god, in LOVE with this, anne!!!!!

Designers' Brew

I love it! (I have a wee crush on Finn too, but the actor is actually like 28--so don't feel guilty.) My BF and I are going as Kanye and Taylor Swift.


Great costume!
Just think of all the inappropriate things you can say to people all night!

I agree, Best. Costume. Ever.


Great cougar costume!! Enjoy your weekend.

I am being 2 things: tonight for a friend's bday/Halloween party- football girl. Tomorrow night for my future step sister in law's bachelorette party- group of us are being Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" back up dancers!


great costume. I love your series of poses.


Utterly fantastic.

Also - Finn from Glee is so cute it make my head hurt.

caroline - patagonia gifts

stunning costume, Anne! I can see you managed to get under the character's skin! have a lovely spooky weekend!


Monster cookies are truly my favorite cookie!! Aren't they just the best??

Also, the yellow sideboard featured yesterday from Ikea is simply stunning. I love everything about it!!

robin pulsifer

wickedly funny, the press on nail glue comment. i cannot imagine! love the milf costume and hoping you have fun with it this weekend. i'm desperate to relax and carve my pumpkin and perhaps bake something, even though i do not bake or cook for that matter. :) enjoy!


Genius costume!!

Those cookies sure look yummy!


The costume is great! and the cookies, look so good! Have fun at Habitat for Humanity - I really want to do that too! :)


You are too funny. LOVE the costume. Happy Halloween, Mrs. Robinson!

P.S. Thank you for sending my Linda+Harriet goodies, as well as the extras! You are too kind. Enjoy your weekend!


Awesome costume, Anne! Love the press-on nails!

{this is glamorous}

anne, this is amazing! your outfit, the photos, everything.

happy halloween!


Oh my gosh, Anne, you crack me up! That is fabulous.

Also, I just decided I'm making those cookies today. I have most of the ingredients already, and my sweet tooth is desperate for something tasty. =)


Fabulous! Go get 'em, cougar!

Happy Halloween!


Forget Finn. If I were 17 (or even 27) again, I'd be all about Noah.


You are so cute!


I am going straight out to shop for these ingredients! Ireland will love them! Gorgeous blog btw :)

pretty far west

What an exquisite and enterprising poseuse you are! A big round of applause from the rowdy rows at the back where I hang out.


you look fabulous! what a great costume! and those cookies do look pretty amazing, I have to say. maybe I'll bake those this weekend instead of the cupcakes I was planning....

oh, and have fun at Habitat for Humanity! I volunteered one Saturday in college (it was on the same day the families got their keys... it was so exciting to see that!), but since then I have written many stories o H4H too (we recently had a 3-home development in my town). It's such a great organization.

happy halloween and happy weekend!


you look gorgeous! this is such a great idea!

my favorite and my best

major cougar crush on finn from glee too.
love it!!!

Shell Sherree

I have to throw my hat into the Finn ring, too. You're smokin' in that leopard print, Anne ~ I'm sure you could twirl him around your press-on nail-glued little finger!

jennifer ramos

I love the shots too!
Have a Good One!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


you're the best!

just saw this via facebook. it's been a while since i stopped by here. your still as playful and unique and stylish as ever!

Laura Jens Sisino

Love the costume and love the fun poses for the photos, very well done my dear, you look fab! Hope it was a great evening.


Hilarious and adorably cute at the same time!


Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day. You look amazing! Meow!


Ha! I love it!!


your costume rocks! and you play her so well.

The Bella Girls

I love this post and I love your couch and I love your end table. GLAM!

Kristin @ Contented Me

must. make. these. now.


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