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September 21, 2009


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I totally voted for your blog on!!


Love the detail on the pillows! Shocked it is not from a magazine shoot!

callie grayson

WOW, it looks like heaven!!
cosy comfy clouds, heaven!


Whoa, this a REAL person's bedroom?! Unreal! I love all those neat finds from all over the world!


I love the shams in the first picture, and black $ white magazine stacks to hold the statue is great.

roni jaco

serenity, make me quiet. my life is so filled with color this is just what i needed!mmmmm


i think painting wood floors white is a fabulous idea. white walls + white walls = light reflective and clean. love it.


I dig this bedroom too! Soooo beautiful!

Taylor Sterling

wow so simple and pretty!


wow! I love this bedroom, so simple, yet so fabulous!
have a lovely day, xoxo


Oh, I so agree. How serene. The only problem is... I don't know if I'd be able to make it out of that bed!

robin pulsifer

ok, so there are really people who live like they are in a magazine shoot. i so want to be that person :) really simply jaw dropping. perfection is right. i'm off to peruse her archives, thanks for the find!


So lovely and serene! Checking out her blog for sure... :)


so so so delicous. Ahhhhh.
xo Isa

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

Wow...expected this to be from the pages of a catalog or magazine. Gorgeous!!! Seriously considering going gray after seeing this.


I love the muted colors!

mise @ pretty far west

I've never seen what could so easily be clutter done with such an engaging quietness.

Down and Out Chic

oh wow, it is amazing (purple and grey!) and it's not from a magazine which makes it even more swoon worthy!

beauty comma

i agree, it looks like something from a magazine! looks like the perfect place to relax; the colours are perfect for just that.


heyyyy I think I never commented on this post ;P
Thanks for the compliments and lovely words ;)
Would you like to exchange links?


Faded white and purple so cool to look makes the ambiance more relax and quite.

rulouri exterioare aluminiu

omg the "old style" it looks amazing , i really love it

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rulouri interioare

Wow,just gorgeous.Wish I had some.

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