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September 03, 2009


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Thanks for sharing. The first 4 are my favorite. I could dive into that dreamy bed right now!

{ Lindsey }

Vicki Archer

Gorgeous images. I agree that is a floral paradise...xv


oh my gosh!! Gorgeous, all around. I really love the wallpapered panels and that red chair. Talk about photo lust!


I love that breakfast nook. It's one of my favourites!


Oh, wow! Her work is beautiful and that last photo is definitely my favorite too--such a pretty palette and lovely lines.


You always continue to find beautiful photo after beautiful photo. I don't know how you do it! I love all of these, Anne!

beauty comma

The framed panel idea is great! I've seen small picture frames with wallpaper, but it looks really striking when the panels are this big. Plus you can just bring it with you when you move. Delicious post with lovely photos!

Down and Out Chic

oh gorgeous, all of it. i especially like that second photo with the amazing framed wallpaper. so pretty!

Eliana Tomás

these photos transmite such peace and relaxation... the wallpaper frames are so clever.


Thanks for sharing these.
Im loving the image of the dining room. Very simple but crisp and sophisticated!


She is talented! I love the photos that you chose from her site. My favorite is the one with the fireplace. I think the color on the wall grabs me. I love the idea about the wallpaper too. I might try that in my living room for a non-committed wall treatment! :)

Pink Wallpaper

Hey Anne, thanks so much for the shout out! so nice of you!!!


This first image makes me want to close the drapes and snoooze and snooze. Beautiful!


That flower cluster is perfection. I will HAVE to try that.


i love all white houses with touches of color that aren't all crazy and vivid, but simple and peaceful. this is a total dream house!!


Loving the single color flower arrangement. So chic and clean. :)

cassandra @ cocokelley

ohhh - that domino room was one of my faves too! that pendant lamp kills me every time. it's too perfect. and m'dear i've seen your living room now and i think you are WELL on your way to acheiving that last look!

Shell Sherree

All beauties! {Does that gorgeous pendant lamp make another appearance in photo 6?}

Anna R

I wish that was my bedroom.

Pretty Little World

Those panels are gorgeous! I've seen a lot of rooms lately that just have one really oversized feature with almost no other wall decoration and it always look amazing.


It doesn't know it yet - but one day that bedroom will be mine!


I really like the idea of framing large panels of wallpaper. I rent and that would be an easy way form a headboard behind my bed. I've refrained from buying a proper one because I don't want to move it until I'm settled for a reasonable amount of time.


Loving these images! I blogged the white white room... I dream of billowing bed canopies! The framed wallpaper is great, I have some loose pattern paper I should frame...

ABC Dragoo

Hi there sweetheart!

I am pretty sure that red chair is our fave ... OCHRE! ; )

Anne Sage

Yes--I thought the EXACT same thing!

Sounds like you're doing some fun traveling! Enjoying your tweets from the
road :)

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 8:15 AM, wrote:

Wall Clings Mel

Wow <3 That's just dreamy! <3 Breezy and inviting is so right.

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