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September 24, 2009


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Love the chartreuse and mauve combo. Stunning! And the well-thought out "objects" in the little cubbies are just perfect.


Lovely photos as always! I'm obsessed with all things french... the purple bench and huge gold mirror are gorgeous!


It's funny you should say this about "bric-a-brac" because I was looking at one of my Paris design books this past weekend, and thinking how much I preferred the "realness" of French interior design photography versus the highly styled American interior design magazines. I prefer to see people use their furniture, shelves and tables--I hate when it looks like some interior decorator bought everything--it's so impersonal!

Anyway, I think the book I was looking at was from Elle Decor but I can't remember the name. Perhaps the books feature different homes than in the mag?

Anyway, beautiful things...

The Perfect Palette

such a beautiful collection of living spaces

caroline - patagonia gifts

ooohhh I'm in love with that royal purple bench! I'm a sucker for purple! thanks! :)


Beautiful photos! I will take the first room and the purple bench...! Have a great day!

Kristin @ Contented Me

I feel so out of the loop -- I haven't been online in weeks! Thanks for the lovely inspiration today to get me back in the swing of things!


wow! what an inspiration, darling!


French style is so fantastic - always a cut above other styles in my mind! The colors used in these photos are exquisite.

Also, I tagged you in the Kreativ Blogger awards b/c I just love reading your blog and wanted to recognize how awesome it is!

Check it out here: http://themarginalian.blogspot.com/2009/09/tag-youre-it.html


Love any decor magazine images not from the US!

mary jo

Love the gray! The light in that photo is just stunning!



It's so elegant and earthy at the same time! I really love that combo. I think you can only come by it a bit organically :-). I love the staircase with the gorgeous banister, I want the gilt mirror too (and the aforementioned cream with caviar!)


Love that wallpaper and I never love wallpaper...on the walls that is.

A Life More Fabulous

I've been obsessing with gorgeous, gilded mirrors...these are beautiful. Love the claw foot tub!


Love the purple elements in these rooms--especially the walls with a hint of gray to them.

Down and Out Chic

gorgeous...ALL of it. i especially like that stairway with the crystal (looking) banister thing (ugh, what's it called again?). anyway, you get my point!

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Your back!!!!!!
I been checking in here every day since the first tornadoes started touching down this year.
**jumps up and down**
This is brilliant. Your back!!!!


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Your back!!!!!!
I been checking in here every day since the first tornadoes started touching down this year.
**jumps up and down**
This is brilliant. Your back!!!!


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