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July 02, 2009


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Jane Flanagan

Absolutely stunning!


Love *all* of these :)!!

The Deco Detective

The Swedes are seriously clever people! They're all over the blogoshpere, and it's well deserved.


::Sigh:: these photos are so lovely and inspiring! It brings me peace just looking at them! One thing I have always wanted is a well-designed area with a window seat, and I just adore the image you have here of that blue wooden seat!


Fantastic! I want all those pillows! And I want to move to Sweden...


Oh wow! Birch trees are so dreamy - what a shot! That blue room is spectacular! I would definitely call it robin's egg blue! ... and gorgeous!
Great, great photos, thanks for the introduction to the artist!
xo Isa

Deborah Milne

Beautiful photography & beautiful spaces. How I adore the kitchen with it's unpredictable wallpaper. Lovely!


I absolutely adore those outdoor spaces! I can just imagine sitting out there in the summertime with a glass of wine and a good book... delicious!


that lighting over the little outdoor table is magic!


Beauty-full!! I see you lost your writer's block! Congrats!!

simply hue

Omg,'ve outdone yourself again! These images are amazing. :)

robin pulsifer

so funny that shot with the birch trees and laundry. i love that. for years, i washed all of my clothes and hung them on the line, when the line ran out, i started hanging them everywhere, all over tree branches etc. nothing like bringing clothes in from the outside with all of those sweet smells. i sooo want to be sitting under that nightime umbrella in the 2nd to last photo. with wine and good company!

Paula Grace

Everyone is so light and airy ~ beautiful. I love blue and these hues are lovely. Thank you.


lovely work. i would love to see my sister's place photographed like this. you would die for her vintage apartment, anne! i'm gonna try to post some of my own pics of it soon—they won't be anything like these, but they still show how great her place is.

Tina {Luphia loves...}

amazing photos!!


I would love to have paned windows like in the second photo! It would give my city apartment a country feel.


I love her work! And i love that tub and would happily unwind there with a glass of bubbles after a long day!

Sarah Klassen/Haute Design

She has a great eye for details, certainly. I find she takes such natural photos, nothing looks overtly staged or fake - although, we know the first image was set up. I'm enjoying some of the unique combinations / thanks for posting~

The Lil Bee

Absolutely beautiful!


I LOVE LOVE that kitchen! It's perfect. I'm saving it to my inspiration folder..the colours are beautiful and the wallpaper is too


I've been brooding on how to light up our trees for our housewarming in 2 weeks. I'd rather not default to our xmas lights but may have waited too long to order lanterns...


this beautiful home should be mine...

my favorite and my best

LOVE the kitchen!! the wallpaper and cabinets are DIY heaven.


that dinner by lantern shot has got be drooling!!! ugh, how i wish i had that little escape in my backyard..or a yard for that matter. :)

karen millen dresses

So cute

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