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July 14, 2009


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ahhhhh . . . i needed this peaceful retreat. {especially since yesterday was a stressor!}

you need to come see my latest news. i know you were there when i last wrote about it, so i think you will be happy to see my update.

i am adoring the rope stair rail and the porthole window. beautiful, anne!

virginia @ where you hang your hat

I just breathed for a few moments. Thank you.



Ms. Jenn

Ohh Anne, I'd just love to spend the whole day reading and drinking hot chocolate in a place like this. Just looking at these pictures makes you relax.

Jane Flanagan

Just stunning. That top image is divine

Plush Palate

Oh Anne these are ALL beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, the mirrors, that rope railing, the humble table and desk! I need to steal these just as soon as I get home :) Good luck getting through your day!


The stair railing is fantastic although if I had one I would still fall down the stairs just with the added bonus of rug burn...

mise @ pretty far west

What lovely soothing scenes, and you can just see that it would be your duty to sit gracefully in them in a deep red coat or dress.

robin pulsifer

i started out having one of those days too, those images helped! they are completely soothing, especially loving the photo image of the space with that green chair. wowzer. we've been going out straight this summer too between the shop and another side job we have each summer, so at times i'm like "what are you doing", that's talking to myself which i've started doing lately :) hope you have a great night's sleep to help you revive.


oh how amazing these photos are! love all the pieces.
have a lovely day, xoxo


Great calming and beautiful images. Hope you catch your breathe!


so calming and lovely, anne!

{p.s.} not certain about the others, but the fifth could be me?

hope your day is less hectic,

my favorite and my best

soooooo pretty and serene. i'm with you on the hynotic effect of the first pic. a perfect place to sleep.

a little twig birdhouse

Oh wow, each one of those pictures is just beautiful, so very relaxing.


brilliant. and btw i do the same thing lol. i have a box of magazine clipping pictures. :)


I cannot get over how gorgeous the antique sofa looks, with those yellow pillows...

Thank you these pictures worked! I needed something calming :-)

callie grayson

amazing group of images!
I am really into grey at the moment and these have to go into my inspiration folder! love them.

La Maison Fou blog

Theese images are so soothing, it is easy to take a deep let it out.....Aaaahhhhh!!


Love all these greys, and especially the green chair with the grey.. LOVE.


Hi Anne, You are too funny with your analogies! Love all your pics... they are relaxing! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! And in case I didn't say so, Thank you for the mention for my last contest! What goodies do you have coming up?


lovely lovely posts! Thanks for taking the time for them. I have a couple of credits to share: image 3 with the peaked roof and antique sofa is by Virginia Macdonald ( and was for Canadian Home & Country mag (no longer being published, sadly). image 5: I first saw on This Is Glamorous, but she credits Apartment Therapy. I've had that hall and stair shot for a while 'cause I actually did a rope hand rail -- can't find the source now, though...
Anyhoo, thanks again for the pretty post.

The Deco Detective

Exquisite post Anne! The little corner with the pitched ceiling is my favourite - along with the photo of the rope stair railing. Regarding the funky paint job, I think I might have to jump down on the "no"-side of the fence; but the rest of the interior is gorgeous.


oh my...i cant decide which of the above will be my fave...actually...all of them!!!

Kristin @ Contented Me

aah, gray and white. serene and perfect in every way. I love the nautical hallway and that empty frame above the bed... such cool ideas!

Well done, anne!

Down and Out Chic

i love the frame above that bed... thank you for the bit of calm this morning.

Jen from Windy Ridge

Beautiful. I could use some serene gray about now.:)

Paula Grace

Love the banister ~ the line is so wonderful to follow....


I've just found you blog and I love it!
The image with green chair belongs to Corey Amaro. Her blog Tongue in Cheek ttp://
is one of my favorite.

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