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June 29, 2009


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i love the calm grey peaceful. and i love the commentary, as usual.


Ah! Gorgeous pics! In in love with that first room!


I think that this was my favorite Elle Decor yet and with you charming narration the spaces are even better:)


I feel like I just had a little vacation!

caroline @ patagonia gifts

oh my! I looove your 'new country home' darling! especially that dreamy pool and garden house!

Kristin @ Contented Me



The breezy bedroom with the pair of ottomans at the foot is my favorite. Maybe that's because I have two ottomans that I'm having slipcovers made for them!

Thanks, Anne!

Down and Out Chic

the reading room is my favorite room in the house. thanks for the tour!


How great! =)

{this is glamorous}

All so beautiful! And completely fun writing. Especially love the outdoor dinner party, the pink room, the pool, and of course, Aerin's place, which is still one of the loveliest rooms ever.

And you are so quick! Had just published the give-away and you already have a link -- thanks, so much, Anne!

Hope you had a lovely weekend,


as if the images weren't amazing had to write fabulous commentary to go right along with them!


Thanks for giving me a good morning laugh, Anne. :) These images are amazing, too! Hey, can I be a guest in your new home sometime? lol


Love the commentary! :-)


A gold desk! Oh my do I love how you roll.


I want to jump in that pool. NOW. Lovely place you've got there. ;)


I looooove what you've done with the place! How's the month of August sound for a visit? You know, it's just the five of us, and I promise, the boys will be on their best behavior. ;0)


Love the pool area and all the fresh flowers, delightful commentary on the house as well!

A Life More Fabulous

I love this collection - this month's Elle Decor was especially good - but I think you made it better!


That should be acceptable. Is there a gatehouse for my chauffeur? And a goldfish-holder for my goldfish? I intend to steal your 2 beautiful yellow chairs, but I'm sure you won't mind.


Hilarious commentary!


Oh, invite me, invite me! I want to vacation at your house! tee hee.... thanks for the mention Anne! Love how you put a story together! You are SOOOOOOOOOO talented!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting

Love that desk!!

Rachel Mintz

Wow please tell me you were kidding with the obnoxious, snobby commentary!! Ugh, people like that make me gag. I've never known any old money who spoke so snobbishly and in my opinion, rudely. Please tell me you were joking and all these people who are ass kissing get the joke I some how missed. I will say though, the house is stunning!

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Sweet house

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