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June 09, 2009


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This may be the best giveaway ever!


When I opened this post, I actually said 'oh wow' out loud. Those first four pictures with the gorgeous grays and blacks and whites - wow. I want it all!

Thanks for a great giveaway.


i love anything nate berkus. love the pillows!!

anna j.

i love nate! how are you able to interview him? that's so stinkin' awesome! tell him hi for me! :)

i love his stuff, the handcrafted slipper chair is my fav.. i would get it in black & camel stripped. so cool!

thanks for the giveaway. i will gladly spread the word on my blog! (for a second name in the hat!) i've got my fingers crossed. :)

Eden Rose

Gorgeous, so beautiful!


I am so incredibly in love with the little gray sofa you have pictured above...oh, and those navy, green, white, and yellow striped throw pillows are EXCELLENT! =D

By the way, I am also totally digging the Hamptons 5-piece bath great!

Thank you for another awesome giveaway!

Leslie H.

OMG! I love Nate's collection. The Velvet Studio sofa is gorgeous. So excited about this giveaway. Also, jealous that you got to interview him, can't wait for that!


I love love love Nate's line for HSN. That preppy chic navy and green pillow is over-the-top fabulous.

Um, interview with Nate Berkus? That is outrageously exciting! Looking forward to reading all about it and expecting to turn a little green with envy.


I want, I need, I love. Thank you!

Jolena @ Black Ribbon Interiors

LOVE LOVE LOVE the white pillow and the preppy green pillows! And you are SO right about his prices.. I couldn't believe it! This is the first time I've seen his collection, or for that matter, heard of him, so I am certainly looking forward to the interview.. and I must say.. Hello Nate ;) ;) Please drop me in the hat twice, I am going to spread the word about your give away on my blog :)


That deep, Hunter green chair is positively divine.

Emily (The Marginalian)

I like pillows that make a statement and these bold numbers are pure elegance against the dark green of that sofa! Wonderful!


Loving the white/gold pillows. All his stuff is great, always has been.


I love that gorgeous green sofa, Anne. You post the most lovely things!


Seriously, thank you for sharing this -- that velvet sofa is *perfect* for what I have in mind! Here's to fingers crossed I can add some throw pillows!


Love the Patmos Sequined Ikat Pillow! Totally perfect for your 5/31 post re: Ethnic Pillow Overload.


Those collections are awesome!
I love the Nate Berkus™ Bria Crewel Decorative Pillow. Gorgeous!


are you serious???

i'm uber-jealous! it would be my dream job to be a designer at his chicago firm.

wowsa, anne! you are gonna be on oprah as a guest consultant before we know it! :)


Hey there! I got your comment on my blog and yes, I am Canadian! I live in Waterloo, so not that far from T.O. I have a few friends there so I visit every now and then.

I'll be back to take a look at those pillows! I cant believe your interviewing him soon, sooo cool!


oh I love me some Nate Berkus. Seriously please let me have the stars align in my favor. I can't wait for the interview. I'm jealous you actually got to interview him!


I just found your blog and it is wonderful. I of course love Nate (crush,crush) and his collection. Is there anything he cannot do?
I would love to have the Wish for Home Enlightenment Pillow and Marble table lamp and well pretty much EVERYTHING:)Looking forward to your upcoming interview.

dani @ weddingsfresh

oh i want that velvet studio sofa!!! i had no idea he had a new collection--great find!

robin pulsifer

i soooo need fresh summer-y pillows for my chocolate brown couch. need, want, love! i'll post a tweet, on twitter about the giveaway too...there is a link to my twitter on my blog :)

Anne B.

Wow, what a his colors and textures! His designs are always so warm and inviting...he creates spaces that are meant to be lived in with joy!


I love his collection HSN!
and an interview to come?! How cool. Those pillows would go perfectly in my tv room.


LOVE his stuff. I have been eyeing his Patmos Camp Blanket! Love it!


I love the metallic pillows!

a pretty pill

woah. the velvet studio sofa is begging me to buy him.
thanksanne. and i spread the word on a pretty pill!


Everything is gorgeous. They are the kind of pieces that you could buy and just own forever - always updating, always with a classic look that will never go out of style.

Great colors too!


Ooh I adore Nate Berkus. I always watch him whenever he is on tv. His designs and eye for style is fantastic. The collection is gorgeous and full of pretty prints. I'm moving into a new place next months, so these pillows would be awesome! Thanks so much.

Melanie B

Tuesdays don't get any better than this. Everything Nate does is so classic and fantastic looking. I love the pairing of green and navy in his collection. I can't believe you'll have an interview with him coming up! I can't wait.

julie l.

wow, i am impressed! everything i see in the collection makes me want to touch it--it all seems so luscious! and that marble lamp really is to die for.


The pillows and throw blankets are great! I could so use a blanket for my new home...


Wow...I really love the Nate Berkus Wrap Headboard. It reminds me of a headboard you would find at a chic hotel.


I love his designs, and he seems like such a genuinely friendly person.

The Grand Bazaar Bed Cover is so gorgeous!

Laura Jens

Nate is the man! What a great line, thanks for sharing.
The handcrafted slipper chair is perfect all around, from shape, to scale, to the details on the fabulous turned legs, Luv it!
The Leonardo Bolster Pillow is so simple but yet so stylish too.


I would love to buy so many of these wonderful pieces for my daughter....and I wonder if Nate if for sale, also....just joking (and in really bad taste, too)!

Rebecca Corvese

Alright... how in the world did you score an interview with the MAN himself? I LOVE Nate... always have since his beginnings on Oprah. Have his products and books in my house and the only thing missing is him! I love his France Antique Handmade Tray... it's gorgeous. The velvet studio sofa and the Mexican crewel pillow are my favs too! If you get to meet him, call me for back-up! lol....

Rebecca Corvese

Anne, a little link love for ya on my site! Becky

Rachel Follett

Nice giveaway! There are so many lovely pillows!


Wow! I'm in love with everything - especially that studio sofa you also posted. I expect it to be more expensive than $500!


His pillows are so beautiful and versatile! I could make them work anywhere!


awesome collections
thanks for sharing the stuff

Erin H

I love all the textures and I am in the market for some new pillows!


loving the gold band throw pillows. how great is nate!

Claire T.

Fabulous giveaway! I blogged about it for a second chance at the win.



I will take one wrapped headboard, one studio sofa, and two marble table lamps. I wouldn't refuse a couple of surprises thrown in!! Seriously, I do love Nate's designs. Great give-away!


I really love them. It's like feeling at home all of a sudden. The warmth and the cozy feeling is just irresistible. Well done Nate! Thanks a bunch Anne :)


In L-O-V-E with the preppy pillows...They coordinate perfectly with my new guestroom bedding! If I'm not the lucky winner, I'll probably save my pennies and buy! And like the other readers posted, I can't get enough of the studio sofa...And it seems super-affordable!

Thanks for the opportunity at such a great giveaway!


I love Nate! I was just commenting on Le Blahg that I first heard about him in Domino and then he was featured on Elle Decor...I adore his style bc it really is unisex. You can make it overly masculine or feminine depending on the details of your home. the pillows are especially fab bc they fit both men and women's taste and they are so casual. I don't feel bad about throwing that pillow on the floor or resting my feet on much furniture seems to be untouchable and I want a home I can live in. love him!!

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