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June 23, 2009


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What a fun post! I'm ready to head to the Rocky's. I used to live in Colorado and it really is a beautiful mountain range. These clothes would be perfect. Thanks, Anne. :)


ah, I love this new series! looking forward to more. :)

Jane Flanagan

Oh I would love my summer to be like this!


Oh wow! That first set is so gorgeous, I want that outfit!


i wanna go there!


I'm ready to head to the hills right now.

jen laceda

haha, me, too! I love Twitter!!

I am dreaming of a rustic retreat in safari -- Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, South name it! I think that rustic retreat outfit you put together might work well. Except maybe the boots--for my purposes, although a lovely pair, must be exchanged for something equally cool but more comfortable for my walking safaris. hahaha :)


rustic retreat sounds great right now. I'll be taking one with my dad and brother along with some fishing poles in a couple of weeks. love the rustic outfit but i know my guys would totally make fun of me for being a fashionista while camping. I'll don my silver scarf anyway. :)

callie grayson

oooh, love that sweet little outfit you pulled together!! would love to have that on my rustic outing.
I was thinking of going on a quick mini vacation to montana last night.


I could so use a rustic retreat right about now. I'm digging these serene colors.


LOVE this theme! The outfit you put together is perfect, especially the scarf. There is something so pleasing about the rough hewn naturalness of the Rockies!

robin pulsifer

we haven't take a vacation for a few years now and have been itchy to get away! perhaps next spring we will be able to. but for now, i'll live vicariously through this fun post to your rustic retreat. (and i love not worrying about my hair sometimes too!)


I grew up in the Rocky Mountains! Beautiful there. Love your collections. You captured the feeling exactly (as usual!).

Down and Out Chic

those ankle boots are so cute!


i love everything you've found! i'm ready to go!

{this is glamorous}

What a fantastic post, Anne! Love how you broke it down, and of course, always love Toast. All your finds are perfect.

The Deco Detective

Glamorous rustic! My sister has a cabin that has a similar feeling to the one you've created with your collage. I'm looking forward to more getaway posts!
Ps. I'm soon visiting my BF who's working abroad this year; are you by any chance doing a post on France??


I love the sweater and was delighted to see that it's from Delia's! How affordable!


Oh my goodness...the country never looked so good. My loved one wants to take me camping and as a somewhat high-maintainence city girl, i am absolutely terrified and not looking forward to it....but this post made me smile about it.


cute cute cute.
love this look.

okay, am i a loser because i still don't know what twitter is exactly? i'd love to follow you on twitter, but i'm not even sure what that means. :)


great post! I adore the camping chic look for home. that rag rug is one of my favorites. I may have to pick that up for our bedroom.

please sir

Ohhh I want to head for the hills in that attire!


awesome inspo!


OK this I totally dig. all of it. I can't stop clicking.

Would you hate to know that I grew up there? I wish people dressed like that! It's polar fleece everywhere. This is pretty much my dream outfit.

Cashmere cardigan

The cardigan you showcase looks wonderful. I love a warm cozy cardigan, it's so nice to snuggle up in.


the outfit is perfect, it makes you feel how a rustic retreat should make you feel! Comfortable, cozy, and inspired to do outdoorsy things!

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Ruby at Science Camp

These are lovely. So shabby chic!

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